Top Online Text Message Sender for All Your SMS Needs [2023]

Looking for an online text message sender? You want one that will help you send texts easily from a web platform. Look no further than Mobile Text Alerts – the easiest way to effectively send text messages online. You can try it for FREE (no credit card required and no obligation necessary).

Typing a message into the online platform

What is an Online Text Message Sender?

An online text message sender is a platform that allows you to send SMS messages to a list of contacts online, directly from your computer or mobile device.

It allows businesses, organizations, and individuals to send out text messages to a large group of people, such as employees, customers, or subscribers. You can also use an online text message sender to have individual 1-on-1 conversations without needing to use your phone’s messaging app.

Try an Online Text Message Sender for Yourself

Good news! You can try our online text message sender for FREE.

What Should You Look for in an Online Text Message Sender?

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Start Time? Less Than 5 Minutes

You want a platform that you can get started in less than 5 minutes. Something user-friendly that doesn’t require any technical know-how.

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Get Personalized Help When You Need It

You want to be able to enjoy getting a 1-on-1 personalized walkthrough—and live chat support with speedy response times.

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Fast… and Reliable

You want a platform built for speed and reliability, and support that can help you make sure your messages are delivered quickly and efficiently.

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Keep Your Money in the Bank

You want to be able to try texting online for FREE, and flexible pricing options to fit your budget - so that you’re able to send texts without breaking the bank.

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Automate Like a Champ

You want to be able to create automated messages to fit your specific communication needs. From pre-scheduled messages to auto-triggered responses to full message workflows.

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Be Confident in Your Message Delivery

You want helpful reports to help you track message delivery and see who’s responding to your messages.

4 Simple Steps, 1 Easy Tool

Using the Mobile Text Alerts online text message sender is easy and straightforward. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get a free trial account on our website.

Step 2: Upload a list of contacts (or manually input phone numbers, or let people sign up through one of several other opt-in methods).

Step 3: Craft your message using our user-friendly interface. (You can also use the mobile app.)

Step 4: Click “Send” or schedule your message for later.

Bonus: Track delivery and engagement rates in real-time.

“Easy to use service with THE BEST customer support”

"Mobile Text Alerts is simple to use. We have been using it for many years now and we have never encountered a problem with their service. They are always quick to answer if you have any questions.

Simple Online Platform. FREE to Try.

  • 50 messages, so you can fully try it out to see how it works
  • Personal video consultation, so you can get all the help you need to get started
  • Online platform, so you can have a user-friendly way to send messages from the web
  • Mobile app, so you can have a user-friendly way to send messages whenever and wherever you are
  • Inbox for 2-way messaging, so you can easily manage your conversations
  • Contact importing, so you can quickly load in your current contact list
  • Text-to-join functionality, so you can give people an easy way to sign up for your text list
  • QR code generation, so you let people conveniently sign up for your text list by scanning a code from their phone
  • Customizable web forms, so you can get the contact info that you’re wanting to get
  • Integrations, so you can make things as smooth as possible by connecting with other services you already use
  • Pre-scheduling capabilities, so you can schedule messages to send at the perfect time
  • Contact segmenting, so you can group your contacts in order to send the most relevant messages
  • Reporting, so you can analyze your messaging efforts and see how to improve them
  • Automation options, so you can take advantage of texting without lifting a finger
  • Helpful, friendly support, so you can receive all the assistance you need
See How Easy It Is

“Yes, It’s Absolutely Free to Try” (And Answers to Your Other FAQs)

Is it free to try out the online text message sender?

Yes, it’s absolutely FREE to try it out. You’ll get 50 messages to test it out for 14 days.

(No credit card needed to start an account.)

Can I send online text messages free?

You can send 50 messages for free using the online platform or mobile app. You don’t even need a credit card to get started.

Full subscription plans are available to fit every budget.

How to send message from website to mobile?

To send a message from a website to a mobile phone, you’ll need an online SMS platform. Mobile Text Alerts provides you with a platform to send texts virtually anywhere in the world.

Is this an online text message sender and receiver?

Yes, you can both send and receive text messages via the Mobile Text Alerts platform. Back-and-forth messaging can be managed from an online Inbox that allows you to easily view and manage your conversations.

What can you do with an online text message sender?

Here are a few examples of what you can do with our platform:

  • Send appointment reminders to clients or patients
  • Notify employees about schedule changes or updates
  • Send promotional offers to customers
  • Alert subscribers of new blog posts or website updates
  • Send event reminders to attendees
  • Send emergency alerts to your community