SMS Marketing for LuLaRoe Retailers

lularoe retailer sends mass text alert

Why LuLaRoe Retailers Should Use SMS Marketing

Hi LuLaRoe retailers!

Have you noticed that most people don't read their emails or social media messages? You might spend hours crafting the perfect email or social post and then find that no one reads it! This can be very frustrating for a business owner.

Since SMS has a 99% read rate, SMS marketing is the perfect channel to create better customer connections and increase sales. Send a mass text message to your customers and they are guaranteed to see it!

Retailers use texting to send:

  • Live sale reminders
  • Product information
  • Sales & coupons

How We Can Help

At Mobile Text Alerts, we help business owners and marketers grow their sales with SMS marketing. Click below to get a free 14-day trial account and start texting your customers today!

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Unlock Your LLR Tools in the Mobile Text Alerts Platform

After you sign up, you should know that your account comes with several LuLaRoe tools designed particularly with LuLaRoe retailers in mind!

To Unlock These Features:

1) Go into your Settings and make sure that LuLaRoe is selected as your industry. If not, select “LuLaRoe” from the drop-down menu and click “Save.”


2) The LuLaRoe Tools tab should appear on your control panel (replacing “Marketing Tools”) .

LuLaRoe SMS Marketing Tools

1. LuLaCash

You can also set up LuLaCash to keep track of LuLaCash entries and notify your customers about LuLaCash they have received!

2. BLESS Import

Under the LuLaRoe Tools tab, you will see the “Import Subscribers from BLESS” page. You can use this to ask your customers to subscribe to your text alerts and all they need to do is reply back "subscribe me" to be automatically subscribed.

3. Loyalty Rewards

Although the Loyalty Rewards tab is available to non-LuLaRoe accounts, our LuLaRoe customers have the added benefit of being able to import a spreadsheet of orders from BLESS and/or forwarding order receipt emails to keep track of your customers’ purchases and loyalty rewards.

4. Inventory Management

Furthermore, your LuLaroe Tools tab has an Inventory page. This will give you access to a basic inventory management system you can use to help you keep track of your inventory.

Other Marketing Tools

in addition to these LuLaRoe tools, other marketing tools that are available for all Mobile Text Alerts accounts include the following:

We hope these features will help you find the best success possible for your business. If our customers are successful, we are successful!

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