How Business SMS Works

Communicate with everyone on your team or in your sales funnel at the speed of text messaging.

Our sms marketing service lets you create and send text messages to everyone in less than 30 seconds!

Engage Your Members

First, You’ll Set Up Your List of Subscribers

Your subscriber list will receive all the text messages you send out. Add everyone from crew members to customers and vendors to your list.

With a 99.9% open rate, business text messaging is the most efficient way to communicate with everyone on and off the clock.


Then You’ll Create and Send Your Text Messages

Need to inform your field reps about inclement weather? Or remind your customers about a killer sale? Create your message and our SMS service will deliver it as a text to each of your subscribers.

MTA Gives You Three Easy Ways to Add Subscribers to Your List

Don’t spend forever creating a list of subscribers for your service the manual way. MTA offers 3 simple ways to build your subscriber list when you’re short on time:

Engage Your Members

1. Text-In to Join with Your Business’s Keyword

Choose a keyword and your subscribers will be able to text that keyword to your assigned 5-digit shortcode (e.g. 74121) to join your list automatically. Easy peasy.

Easy to Use

2. Subscribers Can Sign Up to Join Your List Online

Once your MTA account is active, we’ll generate a sign-up page for all your potential subscribers. You can either let us host your sign-up page or embed the HTML on your website so subscribers sign up for your SMS service directly from your site.


3. Import a Spreadsheet

Already have a subscriber list worth humble bragging about? Awesome! Import a spreadsheet of phone numbers directly to your MTA control panel to reach them all at once.

Manage All Your Subscribers from Your Control Panel

Consider our user-friendly Control Panel the homebase for all your business’s mass communication needs. Here you’ll be able to:

Update Your Subscriber List

Quickly find, sort, add, delete, and edit your subscriber details whenever you need. No prior experience managing subscriber lists necessary.

Organize Your List into Groups

Always make sure the right message goes to the right person. Create different groups to organize your subscribers so they receive only the messages that matter to them. Separate teammates from customers or segment even further based on where your customers are in their buying process.

Mange your SMS audience

Create, Schedule, and Send Your SMS Messages to Your Subscribers

When you have your subscribers organized, keep them all in the loop with your texts. You don’t need a degree in communication to get it right:

Create Your SMS Messages

Login to your account and you’ll be able to create text messages whether you’re in the office or on-the-go.

Deliver or Schedule Your Messages

Send off your text message immediately after you write it, or schedule it to deliver at a later time. While you’re burning the midnight oil, your text message will arrive at a reasonable hour.

Set Repeat Messages

Want to remind your crew about the monthly conference call? Or start running campaigns with sms marketing services? Create a text message once, schedule it to deliver when you want, and then set it to repeat as often as you need. Your subscribers will be informed, reminded, and never annoyed.

Select timezone in your "Settings"

Schedule messages in your timezone

Schedule a day and time for your message to be sent out

Schedule text messages in advance


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And with quick ways to build your subscriber list, the ability to schedule and automatically deliver your text messages, and an easy-to-use control panel, reaching out has never been so fast, simple, or affordable.

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