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Pulpit announcements, newsletters, emails, social media… all of these methods for keeping your church informed fail on some level.

People forget announcements. They don’t all read newsletters or emails. They certainly don’t see all your social media posts.

To put it in perspective, emails (one of the most popular ways to communicate) have an average read rate of only 28%.

SMS vs Other Channels

That means if you send out an email to 100 church members, chances are only 25 of them will actually read it.

The bottom line is that with these flawed communication methods, your church is not as connected to each other as it could be.

Your members are missing out on events and information that could help them really connect to each other and experience spiritual growth.

If only there was a simple solution to reach more members, so your church can really connect!

Meet Mobile Text Alerts. An SMS platform to let you...

Reach More Members - Make More Connections

Reach More Members (Free Trial)

98% Read Rate, 5-Minute Setup, Easy Platform

With Mobile Text Alerts, you can enjoy that 98% read rate for your messages by texting your church members from the ease of a user-friendly online platform or mobile app.

Here’s what you get…

And Here’s What You Can Do (Church Texting Examples)…

“We Are Reaching More People Quickly”

"This service has been awesome and customer service is always excellent! We are reaching more people quickly.
Evangel Church
Evangel Church

Better Connections + Easy Platform = Totally Worth It

Mobile Text Alerts provides an online platform and mobile app you can master in minutes, whether you’re tech-savvy or not.

No rigamarole, no unneeded complexity.

And our friendly support team is here to help you every step of the way.

Imagine… Church Members Actually SEEING Every Update You Send

Imagine how much better you could connect with your church if people could actually see all your updates.

What would it look like for you? Better event attendance? More engagement with guests? More spiritual growth as people saw prayer requests, messages of encouragement, and ministry needs?

A texting platform can help get you there.

But don’t take our word for it. You can try it for FREE and see for yourself - no credit card needed.

Easy. Effective. Texting.

Get all of the following for FREE for 14 days (no credit card or obligation required)…

  • 50 messages, so you can fully get a feel for how it works
  • Personal demo, so you can feel confident in getting started, and have all of your questions answered
  • Convenient support, so that you can get the help you need, when you need it
  • Web dashboard, so you can easily send messages and manage your account from all of your devices
  • Mobile app, so you can fire off messages at your convenience, whether you're at home or in the church office
  • Dedicated phone number, so you can improve brand awareness with your registrants
  • Automations, so that you can relax and go hands-free
  • Spreadsheet importing, so you can take advantage of your existing list rather than starting from scratch
  • Text-to-join functionality, so you can get more people on your text list
  • Automatic QR codes, so you can have even more flexibility in growing your text list
  • Message scheduling, so you’re not tied down to specific times and dates
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“We Really Love This Way to Communicate with Our Church Family”

"It’s really helped us to notify our people more quickly. … We found that people check texts more often than they check their emails, so it’s been a great solution.
Indian Hills Community Church
Indian Hills Community Church