10 Situations That Make You Wish Your Gym Had Text Message Alerts

April 11, 2018 | Back to the Blog


Your gym members have busy lifestyles that keep them on the run during the day. When you need to reach out with an important announcement or helpful message, you need an efficient way to make contact. Short message service is the perfect answer, offering a simple method for connecting with gym members quickly and reliably.

Consider the following top 10 situations where our short message service might have saved the day for gym patrons who were ultimately inconvenienced and upset by what they found on arrival.


1. Letting Customers Know When Your Showers Don’t Work

Nobody wants to workout hard and then be faced with the prospect of waiting until they get home to shower off the layer of sweat and stink.

It literally stinks.

Obviously you cannot control shower problems, but you can control how fast you get the word out to save your customers from a very icky inconvenience.

A Text Message Alert Example could say,  

“Showers not working right now. Plumber should fix by 5 p.m. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Of course, you would change the time of the fix.

Letting your customers know when the dilemma is over is the key to good customer service.

2. When Class Schedules Change Suddenly

Clearly, unexpected schedule changes are a serious inconvenience to your clients.

You absolutely need to send out a text message blast to make sure every client knows about changes that affect them and their schedules.

Sending text alerts as soon as a change happens with the daily schedule of classes mitigates many unhappy customers.

A Text Message Alert Example could say,

“Jennifer’s spin class canceled today. Will resume same time next week. Thanks for your patience.”

You can change the text if someone else can step in and substitute teach.


3. When The Gym Is Overcrowded

If you know what your busiest times of day are, you want to make sure you post or send out alerts to customers right away.

Some people only have so much time to workout before they need to be home or work, so ensuring they can know how busy you are during specific times of day in real time can help them plan their day more effectively.

That way, your customers get the most out of their workout time.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“We’re popular! The gym is packed. You might try in a few hours if you want to guarantee some time on our equipment.”


4. When The Gym is Not Crowded

Many of your customers prefer to go to the gym when no one is there in order to guarantee that they will have easy access to equipment.

Maybe some clients just want some peace and quiet while they sweat to the oldies.

Others, however, prefer to be in the gym when it is busy because they are more social and enjoy working out when it is not just them all alone.

Whatever their preference, letting customers know via text alert if the gym is quiet and uncrowded is also essential to improving their overall gym experience.

A Text Message Alert Example ,

“Great time to come in for a 30-minute workout. We’ve got plenty of bikes open.”


5. The Gym is Closed

This is a major reason to send out real-time text alerts regularly, especially if you are a 24/7 operation.

People can often only go to the gym very late or very early, and not being able to complete their daily workout not only throws of their fitness routine, but also their overall daily routine.

If clients show up to work out on a day you had to close unexpectedly, they are going to be very upset.

Honestly, who could blame them?

A Text Message Alert Example ,

“Sorry, but we had to close due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll let you know when we’re back in business!”



6. When Gym Equipment is Broken

Not keeping customers updated about certain equipment being inoperable is not only frustrating and inconvenient, but it’s also downright dangerous.

Nobody wants to be injured while working out even under the best of conditions, so a customer getting hurt in a preventable situation is a great way to lose business and open yourself up to a potential lawsuit.

Sending out alerts to let customers know when equipment is down protects you and them.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“Two of our three treadmills are out of service today. Hopefully, they’ll be ready in a couple of days.”

One thing to remember is to not guarantee anything until you’re sure your business is ready to go.

7. Promotional Deals & Sales Offers

Gaining new members is a top priority for any gym, and running promotions and special offers is a great way to get more potential long-term customers in the door.

However, when you don’t promote these to your existing members to drive referrals, or when you don’t post accurate information on your website or mobile app, you need an additional means of sending out reliable notices of promotions and incentives.

A short message service is an excellent way to notify members of upcoming promotions and specials in real time.

It’s also a great way to let everyone know when those promotions end to save on confusion and frustration for new customers.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“For the next two weeks, refer a friend and get half off the next three months!”



8. Motivating Your Members

Send motivating messages out regularly to all your members via short message service, and help them stay focused and tracking toward their personal fitness goals.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“Work off those holiday pounds and get in shape for Valentines Day with our newest stationary bikes!”



9. Sending Healthy Recipes To Encourage Better Diet

Fitness experts and nutritionists agree that you are only as fit and capable of fitness as the fuel you put in your body.

Send your members links via text to help them eat better and see better results from their workouts.

A Text Message Alert Example:  

“Check out this great vegan smoothie packed with vitamins and great taste!”


10. Encouraging Members To Come Back

Sometimes we fail at getting or staying fit.

It happens to the best of us.

Send out some support and encouragement to those members who haven’t come by for a while with a text message inspiration.

It could be a quote, a message, or even be a special incentive offered on a specific day to encourage members to come in and work out on a specific day.

Whatever you choose, use your text alerts to help your customers get back on track.

A Text Message Alert Example :

“We miss you. Did you know we added tons of new stuff since you saw us last? Come back in for a free two-week trial before signing anything.”


Ultimately, there are many more good reasons to use a text alert system at your gym to offer a superior customer service experience.

Look into setting up a text alert system today for FREE, and start being the first choice in town for great workouts instead of the gym that people complain about on social media. Learn more about setting up your SMS service with our short message service solutions today.

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