Benefits of using Mobile Text Alerts

With Mobile Text Alerts, texting has never been better. Our service makes communication easier and even better than before.

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What features are included?

Texting has been made better with our simple features.

Our service allows you to set up a full text alert system – all within 30 seconds! You’ll be able to hold two-way conversations with anyone, anywhere. With our unlimited texting plans, you can send as many messages as you want. Messages can be sent straight from your phone, computer, or control panel.

We also make it easier to send alerts to as many people as you want. Mass text messages can be sent to select groups and can even be scheduled to be sent at a later time. Set a time for the message to be sent, leave it there, and our service will take care of the rest. This can then be repeated as many times as you’d like. We also include deliverability reports for your messages, so you can see whether or not they’re being sent


You may be wondering: what are the benefits of using Mobile Text Alerts?

It’ll be easier to update people with text messages, compared to email.

With Mobile Text Alerts, it’s easier to stay connected with your clubs, organizations, customers, etc. It’s a quicker, better, and more efficient way to keep people updated and up-to-date with all types of information. With texting, you’ll be able to let people know about things like weather cancellations, upcoming events, and make announcements.

Did you know that ​over 95% of text messages are read within an hour of being received​? It’s so much better than having to worry about whether or not your emails are going to spam folders. With text messages, your subscribers are guaranteed to receive your messages. There’s no way email can compare!

Easy to Manage

It’s easy to manage your subscribers.

Mobile Text Alerts comes with a feature that makes it easy to manage your subscriber database. Members can text to join, sign up online, or be added through a spreadsheet. Your subscribers can text a special keyword to a designated phone number to sign up or manually sign up on a site (that we provide). Spreadsheets can be imported through our control panel. Once you have your subscribers down, you can use the provided control panel to create groups, organize members, or change your settings. It’s that easy!

Affordable Solution

It’s affordable!

Our service has plans that are perfect for all types of budgets. For one flat monthly fee, you’ll be able to send out unlimited SMS text messages. The starter plan begins at $19/month. Depending on your plan, you will also get access to many of our other great features. The best part of all – there are no startup fees or individual text fees! There are also no contracts or set-up fees.

Risk Free

Try our service risk free.

If you don’t like our service, you’ll get your money back, guaranteed. Contact us within 30 days of purchasing your account and we will refund you 100%. There’s absolutely no risk.

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