SMS Service: A Faster, More Efficient Way to Communicate

Text alerts boast a 99% open rate! With an SMS service like Mobile Text Alerts on your side, your messages will never go unnoticed again.

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An online texting service will help you reach everyone in your organization ASAP. Mass texts see an average open rate of 99.9%.

Send messages to members of your school, club, or church all at once. Quickly communicate with your reps and techs in the field. You can even use SMS marketing to reach your existing and potential customers. A service like Mobile Text Alerts means your messages won’t get buried in a crowded inbox.

Communicate quickly

Communicate Quickly

95% of text messages are read within the first hour of receiving them. And more people have access to a phone with text messaging than they do internet or email. So if you need to get the same message out to a group of people, mass texts are the way to go.

Text message sales

Build Awareness & Drive Sales

Use a text messaging service for business to let your customers know about sales and upcoming events. Reward them with discount codes, loyalty rewards, and perks for staying in touch. Build awareness for your organization and drive members to your local events with a simple mass text.

Affordable text alert system

Do It All For Less

There’s no startup fees or costly pay-per-text plans with Mobile Text Alerts. Send mass texts to anyone in your organization for a flat monthly fee. Our plans start as low as $19/month.

How Does an SMS Service Actually Work?

Send text message to your subscriber base quickly and efficiently.

Create and send text messages to all your subscribers in less than 30 seconds from your easy-to-use control panel.

MTA gives you three super-simple ways to build your subscriber list, including:

  • Opt-in Via Text. Your subscribers will text a special keyword to the MTA shortcode (48421) to join your list and start receiving your messages.
  • Online Signup. We’ll host a sign-up page your subscribers can use to join your list here at MTA. You can also embed the signup HTML on your website so your followers add their contact details directly from your site.
  • Import an Existing Spreadsheet. Send your messages as soon as your contacts are uploaded to start and then use one of the other sign-up options for your new subscribers moving forward.
Create groups to ensure your message goes to the correct person.

Create an unlimited number of groups to organize your subscribers. Separate customers based on where they are in the buying process, segment employees by department, parents by their child’s school year or teacher, donors from volunteers, and so much more.

Groups guarantee the right message goes to the right person — every time.

Schedule your message to be delivered at a later time.

Deliver your text message as soon as you write it or schedule it to deliver at a later date/time in the future. Manage all your text messages right from your computer or phone — anywhere, any time.

You can even create text message templates to reuse (like one for snow day cancellations or flash sales). Repeat text messages to your subscribers every week, month, or interval of your choosing. Just create your text message, schedule a delivery time, and then set that message to repeat automatically.

Choose to send the message now, or schedule a message for a future time.

With text message scheduling, you’ll be able to prepare for updates and reminders ahead of time to avoid miscommunication.

We’ve already helped 15,000+ companies communicate faster. Is yours next?

Every business or organization depends on solid communication between key team members and customers, staff, or donors. Can your group afford to stay out of the loop?

Use text messages for everything from sending out weather alerts and event reminders to free shipping codes or inventory updates. It’s the most efficient way to inform and stay in touch with your group, workforce, or customer base.

Ghirardelli chocolates uses text alerts for text marketing
The Boy Scouts use text alerts as their primary communication
Kiewit construction sends text alerts
Churches use text alerts to communicate with their congregations
National University Uses Text Alerts For School Notifications
Steak 'n shake uses text alerts for customer surveys

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You Have Nothing to Lose but Miscommunication

  • Staying in touch with everyone in your business, organization, school, congregation, or group can be a challenge. But text messages have the highest open rates and click through rates of any form of communication.
  • Try Mobile Text Alerts and watch your communication, engagement, and conversion levels skyrocket.
  • And if you’re unhappy, contact us within 30 days of opening your account and we’ll refund 100% of your money — no hassle or drama.
  • Ditch the never-opened email notifications and annoying call tree you’ve been using. See what Mobile Text Alerts can do for your group or business now.

Dedicated to Efficiently Connecting and Updating People

  •   ‘After hours of research, you guys were by far the easiest to use and the most helpful. Not to mention, your prices are very fair. It's so nice that a person actually picks up the phone when I have questions.’  

    High schools preferred mobile text alerts

    John Buetow, President, Bakersfield Christian High School
  •   This system is slick! We had a storm yesterday, and this worked flawlessly. Adding people is a breeze, either by Excel sheet (which is how I loaded everyone in about 30 seconds originally) or on the fly. And website, mobile app, or texting to send the message are all user friendly and a breeze.  

    William Leonard
  •   ‘With Mobile Text Alerts, you can send messages whenever and however often you want. The user interface is very simple and they have a reliable customer service. Regarding SMS marketing I can’t think of a better provider.’  

    Send text messages at your convenience

     Tracy Morgan
  •   ‘I absolutely love your service. The price is right, the interface is easy to use... so user-friendly!’  

    Affordable text message system

     Scott Velasquez, Youth Pastor Journey's Crossing
  •   ‘The interface is easy to use and you can learn in a day. Customer service is responsive and friendly! The price is amazing! If I used other services it would cost me an arm and a leg compared to this service.’  

     Errol Daludado, Enterepeneur
  •   ‘We had previously used another text service, and yours is so much easier to navigate and utilize. Thank you for making it simple and effective. I'm happy we switched.’  

    Mass text messaging is easy

    Megan Dunlap, Marketing Manager for Riggs CAT
  •   ‘The system is so easy. The parents found the process easy and we have had good results!’  

      Jennifer Leonard, Director, Boone Trail ELC
  •   ‘I imported all employee text numbers easily! My favorite part is that I can setup administrators with limited permissions and then hand the system off for others to manage, so easy!’  

    Easily import list of subscribers

    Scott Pettus, Site Lead, Alere, Inc.
  •   ‘I LOVE Mobile Text Alerts. It’s easy to use and it’s extremely helpful for our staff. I think this was one of the BEST investments we have made.’  

    Andrea Simon, PLB Dental Services
  •   ‘We are very happy with the service! It’s been a great service for us!’  

    A great text alert service

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