7 Ways to be Successful as a LuLaRoe Retailer

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Do You Want to Be a Successful Retailer?

LulaRoe is a popular brand that has an extensive selection of clothing for women. The goal of the shop is to combine comfort and style. It sells everything from pencil skirts and classic dresses to sheath dresses and A-line skirts. The brand has a network of independent fashion retailers who help them sell apparel.

If you'd like to work from home and earn some extra money, you may want to seriously consider becoming a retailer for the direct sales business.

If you want to become a successful LulaRoe retailer, these effective tips can help you shine.

1. Attend a Convention for the Brand

Visit a convention for the brand. This can make an invaluable networking opportunity for you. If you speak with other retailers who are in the exact same boat as you, you'll be able to find out which sales techniques work best.

You'll be able to discover which ones don't work as well or which ones don't work at all, too. Convention visits can also be excellent for retailers who wish to establish support systems with others. If you want to develop relationships with fellow retailers who can help guide the way for you, visiting a convention can be a smart idea.

2. Throw Office Parties on a Regular Basis

People who want to be successful retailers should be as proactive as possible. If you want people to pay attention to your efforts with the brand, throw regular parties in clever settings.

Office parties can work like a charm. If you want to engage a group of people, few things beat lunchtime at an office. The office employees don't have to go anywhere to learn about your exciting offerings from the brand. They also have plenty of spare time.

3. Make People Think You're Busy

If you want to be a retailer who gets things done and who gets sales, you should do whatever you can to make other people think you're a busy bee. Show people your weekly schedule.

Jot down all of your obligations and duties. Tell people that you don't have a lot of party slots left. Tell them that time is running out to book a party as well. Your goal should be to give the impression that you're in demand.

Perception is everything in the direct sales world. If people think that others view you as a sensation, they'll start seeing you in a brand new light. That can be invaluable.

4. Get Your Hostesses Ready

Capable hostesses are key for any successful event for the brand. If you want your hostesses to do well, you have to make a point to get them ready in advance. Don't simply throw them into a party situation with no prior guidance or instruction. That will never work out well.

Talk to them prior to your party. Tell them what they should anticipate. Talk to them about your typical customers.

Discuss potential mishaps with them. Make sure they know how to react to possible problems as well. The objective should be to make sure they can handle everything that comes their way with as much ease and confidence as possible.

It's also important to talk to your hostesses about your party arrangement. Speak with them about decorations and design. The more they understand about the party beforehand, the better!

5. Be a Model for the Brand

If you want to be a successful LulaRoe retailer, you have to be willing to serve as a spokesperson for the brand 100 percent of the time. It can even help to model the brand's clothing on a routine basis. If you want to promote the brand's stylish offerings, you should make sure they're a big part of your daily wardrobe.

Wear the brand's apparel any time you take care of daily tasks. It doesn't matter if you're going to the supermarket for a standard shopping trip. It doesn't matter if you're attending a big school event for your youngest child.

Wear apparel from the brand proudly and with a big smile on your face. If you look fantastic in your outfit, people will gravitate to you. They'll ask you where you purchased it. That could even lead to them talking about potentially throwing a party. They may want to be future guests at your next nearby event as well. You just never know!

6. Hand Out Your Business Card

Your aim should be to promote the brand to as many people as possible day in and day out. That's why you should never be too shy to hand out your business card to others. If you meet someone who tells you that she likes your skirt or dress, say "thank you" and promptly present her with your business card.

This card will provide her with your contact details. If she wants to buy the same lovely skirt or dress you have on, your card is all she needs to do so.

7. Take Advantage of Text Alerts

Communication is everything for a successful retailer. Since most people ignore their emails and social media messages, sending mass text alerts is the best way to reach people!

SMS has a 99% read rate. Everyone is familiar with texting.

When you're running a sale or promotion, simply send out a message broadcast to your customers and ask them to click on the link. Your customers will see your message right away and be directed to the sale.

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