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Why People Aren’t Showing Up to Your Webinars (and How to Increase Webinar Attendance)

Looking to increase webinar attendance? Let’s see if the following scenario sounds familiar.

You’re excited – You’ve got this product or service. It’s useful, it’s unique, it’s innovative.

You have this great idea to promote your product via webinar. After all, if people see your excitement they’re bound to absorb some of that exuberance. Through a webinar you can help them see how awesome your idea is and how much value it will bring to their lives.

Through effective marketing you manage to get an impressive number of registrants to your webinar. Better make sure you’re ready and prepared for a great presentation!

You’re pumped. You’re practicing. You’re nervous, but it’s a good nervous. It’s gonna be awesome – You can’t wait to see the results this webinar will bring in!

But to your surprise and dismay, the day comes and only a small percentage of registrants show up. The poor turnout results in poor sales, and you’re left scratching your head.

Why didn’t anyone show up? If they registered it must mean they were interested, right?

There could be a variety of reasons why people didn’t show up, but here’s one possibility: you’re relying too much on email.

Many webinar platforms depend on email for reminders and for the join link people need to use to view the webinar. There’s just one problem – People don’t read their emails.

According to Constant Contact the open rate for emails is under 20% for many industries and can be quite a bit lower.

This means that if you’re using email to drive your webinar attendance you’re missing out on a lot of your audience. They may not intentionally ignore you, but they may miss your email (in the mass of emails they receive daily) or your email may end up in their Promotions tab or spam folder.

What’s the solution? How can you move away from depending on the unreliability of email?

One solution for how to increase webinar attendance: SMS (texting).

Texting has an open rate possibly as high as 99%. That is unreal! And it blows email out of the water.

You can use a service like our Webinar Alerts to automate text message reminders and follow-ups. When people see these come through on their phones, they will be much more likely to show up to your webinar, and therefore, much more likely to purchase your product!

(If you’re worried about the effects of asking for people’s phone number on your registration page, don’t be. We conducted a study and found that our sign-up rate was actually lower when we didn’t ask for phone number for our webinar.)

What are you waiting for? Give it a try for free today!

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