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Using Your Control Panel: Settings

You can change various features of your account from your “Settings” page. This tutorial will walk you through the different aspects that you can edit.

Settings navigation

Account Settings

The first aspect of the “Settings” page is “Account Settings”:

Account settings

This page allows you to change general settings for your account.

From here you can change your keyword. Changing your keyword will change the word that people can text in to be added as subscribers to your text alerts. You can also use your keyword as your username to log in to your account. (Note: This will also change the URL for your sign-up page). Be sure to click “Save” when you are done to save your changes.

You can also change your password by clicking the “Change Password” button. You will be asked to type out your old password and enter your new password.

Control Panel Settings

The next part of the “Settings” page is “Control Panel Settings”:

Control panel settings

From here you can change settings regarding sending messages on your account.

The first setting you can change is your timezone. Setting your account to the correct timezone is critical to ensure that your scheduled messages go out at the right time. It also ensures that your Sent Messages Report reflects the correct time your messages were sent.

If your location does not participate in Daylight Savings Time, you can switch the “Use Daylight Savings Time” option to “Off.”

Lastly, if you would like your text messages to be sent to your subscribers’ email addresses in addition to their phone numbers, you can set the “Send Messages to Emails and Phones” option to “On.”

Click “Save” to save any changes that you make.

Sign-up Settings

The final set of options you can change are the “Sign-up Settings”:

Sign-up settings

These options affect the sign-up process for your subscribers.

In the Welcome Message box, enter the auto-response message your subscribers will receive when they sign up to receive your alerts. They will receive this message if they text in to sign up or if they sign up via your sign-up page.

Enter your organization name in the box provided. This name will show up on your sign-up page.

If you would would like to give your subscribers the option to enter their email addresses on your sign-up page, you can set the “Enable Email Addresses” option to “On.”

Click “Save” to save any changes that you make.

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