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Using Your Control Panel: Keywords

With your Mobile Text Alerts account you’re able to purchase as many additional keywords as you need! Keywords on a shortcode allow people to text in to a short 5 digit number to be subscribed to your text alerts.

This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate the “Manage Keywords” page.

Purchase a Keyword

To purchase a shortcode keyword, click the green “Purchase a Keyword” button toward the top. This will take you to a page from which you can select what keyword you would like to purchase, as well as which shortcode number you would like to purchase it for.


Back on the Manage Keywords page, you will see a table showing you a list of all the shortcode keywords associated with your account. The “Keyword” field shows you the the actual word that people must text in to be added to your subscriber list. This is the word you selected when you purchased the keyword.


This shows the five-digit number that people must text the keyword to in order to be added to your subscriber list.

Target Group

If you have groups on your account, you can use this drop-down menu to select a group to be affiliated with this particular keyword. Then if anyone texts in the keyword they will be directly added to the designated group. If you select “None” for the target group, any subscribers who text in the keyword will just be added to your general subscriber list and will not be added to any particular group on the list.


Here you can type out an auto-response message for your subscribers to receive when they text in your keyword. Anytime someone texts in your keyword to the shortcode number they will automatically receive whatever message you enter in this box.

Save Changes

Be sure to click “Save” for any changes you make in order for those changes to go into effect.

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