Why You Should Use Texting for Market Research Surveys

September 16, 2016 | Back to the Blog

use texting for market research surveys

Opinions are valuable.

Whether you are part of a business, non-profit entity, government organization, or anything else, it’s important to pay attention to the opinions of your employees, customers, or members!

But how can you collect these opinions? One word: surveys.

The problem arises in getting people to actually complete these surveys. This is where texting comes in.

Mobile Surveys

Technology has actually gotten to the point at which people can answer survey questions entirely through texting.

You can set up a survey question and provide response choices. Your message recipients can then easily reply with one of the choices and their responses are automatically tallied so that you can analyze the results.

This method provides a simple way to quickly collect your audience’s opinions on any relevant topic.

Notification for Surveys Online

Pew Research Center suggests that sending texts as a way of notification or reminder to take an online survey “improves response time.” Studies conducted among survey panel members showed significant increase in response time among those who received an email and text notification as opposed to just email.

An example: 50% of the email and text recipients completed the survey within one day of receiving the notification, as opposed to only 37% of email-only recipients.

Another example: within 30 minutes of receiving the notification, 15% of the email and text recipients completed the survey, compared to 6% of email-only recipients.

This is not a coincidence, folks! People are more likely to respond quickly to a text message rather than an email.

Texting for Market Research Surveys

In light of this study, here’s a proposition you maybe hadn’t considered before: perhaps you should try using texting for market research surveys!

Not only can you create surveys and send them out entirely through texting, you can simply use texting as a means to bolster your web survey campaign. It’s quick; it’s easy; it’s effective.

Happy surveying!

Try a free text alert trial today!

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