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Use Text Alerts to Coordinate Ministries in Your Church

use text alerts to coordinate ministries in your church

Church activity is something to get excited about.  What church wouldn’t want to see their ministries thriving and activity increase?  But with growing activity comes more difficulty managing and communicating with all the different ministries involved.

Using a text alert system is an effective way to keep things organized and to help coordinate ministries in your church.

Organizing subscribers into groups.

One helpful feature of a text alert system is the ability to organize your subscribers into different groups.  This is extremely useful if you are a trying to coordinate ministries at a church.

From the “Manage Groups” page when you log in to your Control Panel, you can set up a different group for each ministry, such as:

  • Children
  • Middle School Youth
  • High School Youth
  • College
  • Women
  • Men
  • Singles
  • Music
  • Staff

And the list could go on!  Any ministry your church offers can be included.  People who belong to each ministry can add themselves to the appropriate group from your sign-up page, or the numbers can be manually added to the correct groups from the “Manage Subscribers” page when you log in to your account.  You can also add subscribers to the appropriate groups via a spreadsheet.

Setting ministry leaders as administrators.

Another step you can take to coordinate ministries with your text alert system is to assign different ministry leaders as administrators to the appropriate groups.  You can do this from the “Manage Administrators” page of your Control Panel.

Setting ministry leaders as administrators will enable those leaders to send messages to the members of those groups by logging into the Control Panel or by texting in to the system from their own personal phones.

In this way, each ministry leader can be responsible for communicating with their own group.  The worship leader can focus on messaging the musicians, the high school youth pastor can handle the high school students, the administrative pastor can communicate with the staff, and so on.

Adding more keywords.

Your account automatically gets one free keyword, but if you want to get even more organized you can add “Group Keywords” for your account.

Group keywords allow your congregants to text into the system a keyword that will add them directly into a specific group.  For example, you might set the word “Musician” as a group keyword for the “Music” group.  Then if any of the church musicians want to be added to the system they can text the word “Musician” to be added directly to the “Music” group.

Adding these keywords can really help coordinate ministries and make things simpler for both congregants and ministry leaders.

Getting group members to sign up.

All of this may sound great in theory, but how do you get the members of the congregation to actually sign up to receive the text messages?  Here are some ideas and tips:

  1. Make sure your ministry leaders are fully informed.
  2. Encourage ministry leaders to really push the members of each group to sign up.
  3. Create a short PowerPoint presentation that ministry leaders can present to group members.
  4. Generate a paper sign-up sheet that ministry leaders can pass out.
  5. Have a pastor announce the text alert system from the pulpit and explain to congregants how to sign up.


We would love to hear your ideas for how you use text alerts to help coordinate ministries in your church!

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