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NEW! Use Mobile Text Alerts to Post to Facebook While Sending out a Text

We wrote an article last week talking about how Facebook is no longer a reliable way of getting in touch with subscribers.

This does not mean that you should abandon Facebook! Just because something does not work reliably, does not mean that you should give up on it completely. It means exactly what it says, you should not rely on it.

Texting is a much more reliable way to get information out. When you post to Facebook, your subscribers may or may not see the information. If they do see it, it may be too late. When you send out a text, 95% of subscribers read it within one hour.

So if you have texting that gets information out to 95% of subscribers within one hour, and Facebook that gets information out to maybe 60% of your subscribers within a day, which one should you use?

Why not both?

Mobile Text Alerts has just made it even easier to get information out.

Now, on your Send Message page, we have added a “Post to Facebook” button.

Post to Facebook and send out a text message!

This allows you to send out your message as a text message, and on the same screen send out your message to one of your Facebook groups.

Hopefully this will be helpful for you getting information out to your groups quickly and efficiently.

As always, please let us know if you have any suggestions, or sign up for a free test account

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