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Texting Results in 40% Higher Conversion Rate

Texting results in 40 percent higher conversion rate

Years ago, texting your customers or sales leads would have been unheard of.  Texting was once reserved for family and friends, but this is no longer the case.  More and more businesses are using texting to connect with customers and bring in a higher conversion rate.


In an article called “Texting Your Customers is No Longer Optional” Cody Green, founder and co-CEO of Canada Drives, cites some scientific findings: “… sales prospects who are sent text messages convert at a rate 40 percent higher than those who are not sent any text messages.”

40% higher conversion rate!  That’s quite the statistic.

Other statistics cited in favor of texting include:

  • A 98% open rate (in contrast to a mere 20% open rate for emails)
  • A 45% response rate (in contrast to a measly 6% response rate for emails)

In light of these statistics, Green praises texting as a tool to help bring in more sales and bemoans the fact that more companies in his industry do not take advantage of it.  He concludes, “When properly integrated into the entire sales process, while at the same time deployed with discretion and in accordance with anti-spam legislation consumers are open to receiving texts from businesses; in fact, they have even come to expect it.”

How can businesses use texting?

Here are a few ideas to help you brainstorm.  (Or check here if you need more ideas to get started.)

There are so many ways that texting could be effective for you.

Be creative!  Experiment and test to see what works for you and your organization.  Something that works for one individual or for one company may not work for another.

The potential is obviously there.  Go take advantage of it!


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