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Text Messaging for Churches

Technology can be a great asset in improving your congregation’s experience. Obviously, text messaging is not required to have a successful church ministry, but just like a microphone and lights and speakers can all be tools in connecting with your people, text messaging too can be an effective way to improve your ministry.



Text messaging for churches can be great for:

  • Daily Bible Verses  – Remind your congregation how important it is to be in the Word not just on Sundays, but every day of the week.
  • Prayer Requests  – Quickly let people know about what needs prayer throughout the week. Remind the people on Thursday to pray for their pastor this upcoming Sunday.
  • Announcements – Did you have a surprise choir rehearsal this Saturday that you are 95% sure most people are going to forget about? Send them a quick text reminder and increase attendance by 80%
  • Weather Closings  There is a tornado watch in your area. Are you still going to have Wednesday night AWANA? Half of the people might show up, the other half might decide to stay home. Send out a quick message and let people stop guessing.
  • Sermon Thoughts – Get your congregation thinking about the sermon throughout the week.
  • Other Reminders – “You are playing offertory this week,” “Don’t forget to bring Salad to the pot luck this week!”
  • Connecting With Church Youth – The teens and young adults of your church eat, breathe, and sleep text messages. Why not connect with them on their level?

These are just a few ways that the technology of text messaging can benefit your church.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up, you choose a keyword for your church. Something that distinguishes your church. Perhaps “SHERWOOD” for Sherwood Church, or “GRACECHURCHORLANDO” for Grace Church in Orlando. With this keyword, your members can sign up by:

  1. Texting in to the system – Text the keyword you picked into our system, and that member will automatically be signed up to receive alerts. They can also text ‘STOP’ to be removed from receiving texts. This is a very convenient way to get people into the system because it completely takes you as the administrator out of the equation! Announce from the pulpit “Text ‘YOUR KEYWORD'” on Sunday, and put it in the bulletin, and people will start being signed up immediately.
  2. Sign up with the generated sign up form – When you sign up, you will receive a signup form like (for West Side Christian Church) or (for College Church of the Nazarene). People can visit this link and enter their information. It is also possible to embed this sign-up form on your website.
  3. Enter people manually from the control panel – Maybe if you have just a few people that you want as part of your list you can enter people manually from your control panel. Some churches prefer to send around a paper sign-up sheet, and then enter the numbers manually.
  4. Import a spreadsheet of contacts – Maybe you already have a list of 500 contacts that you want to send texts to. 500 numbers would be quite a pain to enter in manually. Our system allows you to simply upload a spreadsheet of those contacts in to the system.

Once your members are in the system, you can log into your control panel and start sending messages. You can even schedule messages to be sent out later, or set messages to automatically send out each week.

The best part of Mobile Text Alerts is its affordability. Mobile Text Alerts was created by a church for a church, and our pricing reflects that. Smaller churches (1-175 Subscribers) can’t afford to pay $150-$200/month for sending out text alerts. For unlimited messages for up to 175 subscribers is only $11.99/month with Mobile Text Alerts (See all our pricing details). Feel free to ask us too about any church discounts that we might have going on at the moment.

If you’re still not sure if Mobile Text Alerts would be right for your church, try a no-credit card free test account to see if it is a good fit for your needs.

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    • Hi Solomon,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      You are welcome to use our services for alerting people about events, programs, and activities!

      It sounds like you would best fit in our Starter Plan which allows for up to 1500 messages/month and is $19/month billed annually or $29 month-to-month ( ). You can use the promo code CHURCH for 15% off! 🙂