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Text Message Usage is Growing!

Text messages are all the rage these days.  Text message usage is on the rise!  I appreciate receiving text messages from my dentist reminding me of my upcoming appointment, or receiving text messages from my university informing me of cancellations due to weather.  Now even sports teams are jumping on the bandwagon!  Many NBA teams, NHL teams, and college sports departments have begun selling some of their tickets using text messages.

Sports teams such as the Brooklyn Nets, Washington Capitals and Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons, and Arizona Coyotes are partnering with text messaging services to sell tickets in an innovative way.  Fans register to be sent text messages with ticket offers before a game.  If fans want to purchase tickets to a particular game, they can simply reply to the ticket offer message, specifying how many tickets they want to buy.

When fans register to be sent the ticket offers, they provide their payment information, so as soon as the fans specify how many tickets they want to buy, their card can be charged.  Their digital tickets can then be sent to them instantly to be scanned on a mobile phone or tablet, or to print off a computer.  This method of purchasing tickets is not only beneficial to the customers because of its convenience, it can also be beneficial to the sports teams and departments, helping to put a curb on customer service problems.

Although this method of selling tickets is still in the testing stage, it has seen early success.  It is yet another sign of modern times, where technology and convenience dominate.  I predict that in 5 years or so (or maybe less!), this might even become the norm.  More and more companies and organizations are seeing the potential of using text messages to maximize their services.  They are seeing the signs, and they are adapting.

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