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Mass Text from Computer


Many “text from computer” services only allow for texting one number at a time.  That can be fine if you just need to send a few texts every once in a while, but what about if you need to send texts to multiple people at the same time?  Sending mass texts through these services is nearly impossible.  Even sending mass texts from a cell phone can be incredibly inconvenient.  Messages don’t go through; systems get overloaded.  But there is a better way.

Sometimes typing a message from a cell phone can be a little frustrating, and typing a message on a computer can be just a lot easier.  The “text from computer” feature of the control panel on your text alerts account allows you to do just that.  (And if you would rather send the mass text from your own cell phone, Mobile Text Alerts allows for that as well.)

Mobile Text Alerts is a much more convenient way to send mass texts from your computer.  As a “text from computer” service, an account with Text Alerts allows you to send mass texts quickly and easily from the comfort of your own office or home.  You can save numbers into a database so that you don’t have to enter numbers in every time you need to text them.  Adding numbers to the database is easy; you can even upload a spreadsheet if you already have a list of names and numbers.  Select the numbers that you want to text, type in a message, and click “send.”

So what are you waiting for?  Start typing away!

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