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Summer Camp Text Alerts

Everyone remembers how great summer camp was. The activities, the bonfires, the friends, the food (sort of..)  Personally, my favorite part of summer camp was always the pranks. Whether it was putting hair dye in the shampoo bottles or shooting water balloons at the girls overnighter, pranks made summer camp awesome.

Now camp can be even better with summer camp text alerts!

Ok, just kidding. Text alerts don’t make things any better for the students. But they sure can be a big help for the parents! Ever wondered what your kids were up to while they are away? We have several summer camps that use text alerts to regularly update parents on the activities of the kids throughout the day.

Text alerts can also be very useful for letting everyone know about potential weather cancellations, pick-up times, or even emergencies (hopefully not).

Why not try out text alerts for your summer camp?  Sign up for a free trial at

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