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Sending Text Alerts for Apartment Complexes

One industry that has really begun to start utilizing the power of text alerts are apartment complexes.  We now have dozens of apartment complexes that are sending out messages to their residents.


What kind of messages are they sending?

Rent Reminders

Send a text to your residents just to remind them that their rent is due, or send them a message a few days after the due date to remind them that their rent is late.  Often when tenants don’t pay their rent it is not because they are evil, they are just human and forgetful.

A friendly reminder is all some people need to get that rent in on time!  Take advantage of our “scheduling a message” feature, and these reminders can even be sent out automatically!


Maintenance Request Schedules

When my wife and I lived at an apartment complex, there was nothing more frustrating than calling in a maintenance request and not having any idea when they would show up.  Your life would have to be put on hold for hours, all for your apartment to fix something that should have been fixed in the first place!

This may have been unreasonable thinking on my part, but unfortunately this is the way many residents think.  Ease the tension with your tenants by sending them a quick message “Your maintenance call will be serviced at 11:00am” and you will be set apart from other, less technologically advanced apartment complexes.



Do you know what keeps some people at their current apartment complex?  Engagement.  Some people pick one apartment complex over another because they like that particular complex.  They like the staff, they like the events that go on, they like their neighbors.

Text alerts are a great way to engage your residents in your apartment complex.  Are you having an even tomorrow evening at the club house?  Do you find it hard to get people to show up at these types of events?  Send out a text alert reminding everyone of your event, and your attendance will increase by up to 140%



Last, but not least, you can use text alerts to just send out good ol’ fashioned announcements.  “We will be checking smoke detectors at 2:30 this afternoon” is a great way to make sure there are no unwanted walk-ins.

One apartment complex was having troubles with car break-ins, and a simple text alert “Please don’t leave valuables in your car, there have been a lot of break-ins” nearly eliminated this problem.


These are just a few of the ways that our current customers are using text alerts for their apartment complexes.  Would you like to get on board?  Try a free test account today.


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