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Using Your Control Panel: Send a Message

The most important aspect of your Control Panel is the “Send a Message” page.  This tutorial will walk you through how to navigate this page and send out your messages.


Send a message- navigation bar

When Should the Message Be Sent?

send a message- when should message be sent

From this box you select the timing of your message.  You can choose to have your message sent out immediately (“Send the Message Now”), or you can choose to set up a day and time for the message to go out later (“Schedule the Message to be Sent at a Later Date”).

If you choose to “Schedule the Message,” then the following screen will appear:

send a message- scheduled message options

From here you will be able to select a specific date and time for your message to go out.  You can also designate how often you want your message to repeat (if at all).


Send Message to a Group

send a message- to a group

From the “Send Message to a Group” box you can designate whether or not you want your message to go out to all of your subscribers, or if you want your message to go out a specific group on your account.

If you would like your message to be sent to every single subscriber on your account, you can check the “Send Message to All Subscribers” box.

If you would like your message to go out to members of a specific group that you’ve set up on your account, you can type the group’s name in the text box and then select the group’s name from the drop-down menu that appears.

(You can click the “Manage Groups” link on the right side of the screen to add, edit, or remove groups from your account.)

If you want to specify which individual subscribers receive the message (rather than sending to an entire group or sending to all subscribers), you can skip this box and scroll down to the “Send Message to Individual Subscribers” box.


Send Message to Individual Subscribers

Send a message- individual subscribers

The box that says “Send Message to Individual Subscribers” allows you to manually select specific subscribers to send your message to.  Click the “Send Message” checkbox of every subscriber that you want to receive their message.

You can sort the subscribers by clicking any of the column headers at the top of the table.  For example, if you want to sort the list alphabetically by first name, you can click the “First Name” column header and the list will sort automatically.

You can change how many entries from your subscriber list are shown by clicking the arrow (above the table) that says “Show 10 entries.”  Then from the drop-down menu that appears, you can select 25, 50, or 100 entries.

You can also search through your subscriber list by typing a search query in the text box above the table.


Message Content

send a message- message content

In the “Message Content” box you can type in the message that you want to send out.  If your message is more than 140 characters, it will split into 2 separate messages.  A message on the right of your screen lets you know how many characters are remaining until your message splits.

When you are doing typing your message, click the “Send Message” button on the bottom of your screen.  Just to the right of that button is a report letting you know how many subscribers are set to receive your message.

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