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Text Alerts for Weather Cancellations: 4 Uses

It’s that time of year again: Snow falls, streets get slick and events get canceled. Should you use text alerts for weather cancellations?

Text alerts can be a great tool to help get the word out that offices are closed or an event is canceled due to weather.

(You can even use a Message Template feature to have a weather cancellation message prepared beforehand!)

Here are some cases in which you can use text alerts for weather cancellations.

text alerts for weather cancellations


1. Use text alerts for weather cancellations in your church

Church services can be tricky.

If you’re a pastor or church administrator, you may need to make a quick decision about whether or not a service or event will be canceled at your church due to weather.

A quick and effective way to get the word out is by sending text alerts.

2. Use text alerts for weather cancellations in your office

Are you a business owner or office administrator?

You can use text alerts to let employees know not to come in to work, or that the work day will start later than usual.

This can save a lot of hassle of employees plowing their way into work unnecessarily.

3. Use text alerts for weather cancellations for your customers/clients

As a business owner or administrator you can also use text alerts to communicate to customers.

Imagine a doctor’s office is closed for the day due to bad weather. A client misses the memo in their email and shows up anyway only to find that they need to call to reschedule.

Let particular customers or clients know about these kinds of cancellations so that they’ll be less frustrated!

4. Use text alerts for weather cancellations for particular events

Perhaps you run an annual event, such as a fair or a festival.

These kinds of events can rely heavily on good weather to remain up and running.

Text alerts can let your patrons know if any events are canceled due to the weather!


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