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Send Out Coupons as Text Messages


We recently had a coffee shop subscribe for text alerts.  They had great business on Monday-Friday, but were having a hard time over the weekends (a common problem among coffee shops and other beverage-focused industries).  What was their solution?  Sending a text message with $1 off large gourmet coffees.  Within 5 weeks, Saturday sales had increased by an average of 60%.

Sending out coupons via text message is a great/inexpensive way to advertise and market your business during those slow times.  What kind of marketing tricks do you try when sales are slow?


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  • Is there a way to crest an online sign up sheet so the phone numbers can automatically be uploaded to a list in my account? If not y’all should have your I.t guys get on that.

    • Hi Deane,
      Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier, but yes, each account automatically receives an online sign up sheet. For example, if I created an account with the keyword ‘verse-of-the-day’ (no quotes), then a sign-up page is automatically generated for me at

      You can also take the HTML from this page and embed it on your site, or stick it in an iFrame (please let us know if you need assistance with this).