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How Schools Can Increase Student Performance by Texting Parents

How Schools Can Increase Student Performance by Texting Parents

Education is so important!

Our society is built around the necessity to be able to read, write, and do basic math. Parents, teachers, and school administrators constantly look for ways to improve the education system so that our kids can have the best possible future ahead of them.

Can texting help?

A study in the UK sought to test the potential benefits of using texting directed at parents to help increase student performance. The researchers found success with the method, especially in the areas of improving math skills and decreasing absenteeism.

So how can texting parents increase student performance?

  1. Texting parents about upcoming tests

Use texting to inform parents when their kids have upcoming tests. The texts can be as simple as “Math test this Friday,” or you can go into a little more detail: “There will be an algebra test over chapter 4 on Friday.” The point is to make parents aware of what’s going on so that they can help make sure their kids are prepared.

  1. Texting parents about past-due homework

Texting has the potential to be a great avenue to inform parents when their kids have missed homework. Sending over a simple text such as “Homework assignment was not turned in today” goes a long way to helping parents keep their kids accountable. Parents can use texts like this to check up on their kids’ progress and be involved in their education process.

  1. Texting parents about content learned in class

Help facilitate discussions at home by sending parents a brief summary of content learned in class: “This week we introduced the relationship between sine, cosine, and tangent.” The reinforcement at home of what has been taught in class helps the concepts stick in the student’s mind.

This strategy of texting parents is described in the article as “highly efficient” due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The study ended up costing schools approximately £6 (which translates to $7.92) per student for the entire year, but with one of our pricing options the cost could be as little as $.90 per student per year.

What are you waiting for? Try out a text alert system for your school today!

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