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Using Your Control Panel: Scheduled Messages

Another feature regarding sending messages on your Mobile Text Alerts account is the ability to schedule messages to send out later.  This tutorial will walk you through the “Scheduled Messages” page on your Control Panel.

Scheduled messages- navigation bar


Correct Time Zone

On the “Scheduled Messages” page, you will see this message:

scheduled messages- correct time zone

Before you schedule any messages, you will need to make sure that your account is set for the correct time zone.  Click the “Settings” link to be taken to the Settings page, from which you can edit your account’s time zone.


Scheduled Messages

scheduled messages- scheduled messages

This table shows a report of all your scheduled messages.

  • The “Message” column shows the content of your scheduled message.
  • The “Recipients” column lets you know the number of recipients for your scheduled message.
  • The “Scheduled Date” column specifies the day and time that your scheduled message is set to go out.
  • The “Repeat” column shows you how often your message is set to repeat. If it is not set to repeat, it will say “Don’t Repeat.”
  • The “Edit” column allows you to modify your scheduled messages as needed. If you click the “edit” icon of a message, you will be taken to the “Send a Message” page from which you will be able to edit any of the details of your schedule message.
  • The “Delete” column allows you to delete any of your scheduled messages. Click the “delete” icon on any message’s row to delete that row.


Schedule a New Message

Clicking the “Schedule a New Message” button will take you to the “Send a Message” screen.  From that screen you will be able to schedule a different message.

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