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April 18, 2014 | Back to the Blog

Did you know with Mobile Text Alerts you can schedule text messages to go out later?  Maybe you just want to schedule all your messages for the upcoming week at one time, or maybe you want a message to go out at 2pm, but you will be in a meeting.  Scheduling messages gives you versatility.

schedule Many of our customers send out a daily Bible verse.  It can be quite a pain to try and remember every day to log in, find a Bible verse, and send it out.  Much easier is to log in and schedule messages to go out at the same time every morning for the next month, then sit and leave it.

Scheduling messages is also great for reminders.  Maybe there is a weekly event that you would like to remind people of.  Log in, set it as a scheduled message, and then set it to ‘repeat weekly.’  Then once per week, it will go out without you needing to think twice about it!

There are many other creative ways to use scheduled messages as well, how do you utilize scheduled messages with your account?

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