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“Where Do Your Texts Go?” – Video Reaction

where do your texts go

Ever wonder what happens when you hit “Send” after typing out a text message?

Where do your texts go?  How does the other person end up receiving the message on their end?

A newly trending YouTube video seeks to satisfy your curiosity and help you understand a bit about this process.  This video has been out for less than a week and already has almost 1 million views.

Take a look.

What makes this video so appealing?

Here’s what I liked about it:


Positive 1: It was definitely fascinating to try to wrap my mind around all that is involved in sending and receiving text messages.  It’s a simple activity that I do every day and yet I never stop to think too much about how it’s done!

Positive 2: The simple graphics and illustrations made the video seem less complicated than it really was and successfully presented the information in a fun and engaging way.

Positive 3: The brief history of communication in the introduction of the video caught my interest, and the fun facts about the cell phone and the first text message hooked me in from the very beginning.

Positive 4: The video gave some practical application of the info presented as it explained reasons why your phone’s battery might be dying or why you might not have good service in rural places, on the road, etc.

But in the interest of nitpicking, I did have a few qualms.

Negative 1: Although the animations were simple, fun, and colorful, I still got a little lost in all the information.  There was so much info thrown at me that I felt like I had to watch the video again to actually understand it.  Even on second watch I still felt it was too much info going by too fast.

Negative 2: Despite the cartoonish illustrations, the presentation was admittedly dull in certain parts.  For science enthusiasts (which perhaps is what the video is mostly geared toward?) I’m sure it’s all fascinating, but some parts could have been left out or trimmed down.

Negative 3: There was a little bit of profanity.  Call me a prude, but while it was apparently meant to be humorous it came across as unnecessary and unprofessional.


Overall, however, I applaud AsapSCIENCE’s effort to engage their audience in useful scientific information.  After watching this video, you will finally have an answer to the question, “Where do your texts go?”

It’s great to be in the know!

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