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People Love Texting So Much They Invented the Word “Wexting”



Adding to the discussion regarding the invention of the phone-brella, girls falling into manholes, and the government giving out millions of dollars to prevent texting injuries, we now come to the next chapter in the “people love texting so much” series: the creation of the word “wexting.”

Yes, people are actually using this word to describe the cultural phenomenon that is walking while texting.  (It certainly is much easier to say “wexting” than to say “walking while texting” over and over again!)

Canadians too are getting caught up in this DANGEROUS pastime – so dangerous that 2,700 pedestrians get injured from wexting in British Columbia each year.  The Canadian website The Loop describes some of their nation’s efforts to help eliminate the problem:

If you’re crossing select intersections in Vancover and Victoria with your eyes glued to your cellular device, you’ll receive a banner ad on your phone that says, “If you’re texting while walking, have a word with yourself.” It’s embarrassing, but it seems like it’d be pretty effective.

The act of wexting has come under fire from many different camps.  It has been described as causing people to behave antisocially and has even been compared to a zombie apocalypse.  But the word itself keeps popping up.

Will the word truly catch on?  That’s debatable.  One Star Tribune contributor seems to think that it’s likely, but they make the legitimate point that “one thing might blunt its adoption — the very act of typing the word while wexting probably will make your phone autocorrect it to ‘texting.’ You can’t win.”

Others have called wexting a “nasty word.”

Regardless of people’s opinion on the word, one thing is clear: the fact that this word was even created at all proves that people really love texting!

What are your opinions on wexting (both the word and the act)?


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