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People Love Texting So Much They Invented the Phone-brella

More and more I am becoming aware of how much people love texting.  I mean, really love it.  You might even say that we have an obsession.  Don’t believe me?  Here I present some evidence proving humanity’s love for texting.

the phone-brella

1. The Phone-brella

Have you ever been out in the rain, holding your umbrella, frustrated as you fumble around while trying to text from your phone while you’re walking?  No?  Well, apparently somebody has.  People were frustrated enough about this problem that the Korean company kt-Design invented the Phone-brella.

Yes, the Phone-brella is a real thing.  It’s a normal umbrella with a handle that wraps around your wrist and sits there so that you can have your hands free.  Now you can text in the rain all day with no hassle!

2. A study on texting and walking

A study from researchers at Texas A&M University and the University of Bath (United Kingdom) confirmed that texting while trying to walk causes people to walk more slowly.  Participants in the study had to make their way through an “obstacle course” of sorts that included “obstacles” such as curbs and posts that walkers had to avoid.  Luckily, the text-walkers proved up to the task and didn’t hit many of the obstacles.

The fact that this study was even conducted at all is proof in and of itself that people really love texting.

3. The rise of “text neck”

“Text neck” refers to painful symptoms that people experience from looking down at their phones for extended periods of time.  Apparently, prolonged time spent with the neck faced downward, such as when people text on their phones, hurts both the spinal cord and nerves and can cause painful symptoms or tingling sensations.  And these “text neck” symptoms are on the rise!


These are just a few examples that prove humanity’s love of texting in our modern world.  Maybe we have an obsession, maybe not.  But the reality of the importance of texting is there, and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon!


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