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New! Run Facebook Giveaways Through Mobile Text Alerts

Our developers are at it again. We surveyed our customers to see what sort of features they would like added, and this is what you, our customers, decided on.

Many of our customers often run “Facebook Giveaways” for their subscribers. They make a post offering to give something away, and then randomly select a winner from all the comments.

We’ve automated this process for you, and included it in your Mobile Text Alerts account!

Here’s how it works.

Step 1

On Facebook, create a post announcing the giveaway. Make sure you write #giveaway in the post somewhere. This lets our system know that this is a giveaway. If you would like, you can create this post from your Mobile Text Alerts send message page.

Post to Facebook

Step 2

Wait until the contest is over

Step 3

Go to the ‘Giveaways’ page, and click ‘Find Giveaways’ to search that page for any posts with #giveaway

Select Group

Step 4

Once your giveaway is found, click ‘Select Winner’ for one of the commenters to be randomly selected as the winner

Find Winner


Step 5

Announce the winner on your Facebook page!

Hopefully this makes your life just a little bit easier!

Please leave any feedback or suggestions on ways to improve this feature, or ideas for new features in the future.


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