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3 Methods to Add Contacts for Text Alerts (Plus a Bonus Method) and How to Use Them

Did you know you can add contacts for text alerts in multiple different ways?

Having multiple methods of getting people to sign up helps provide more flexibility for you. That way you can offer your audience the best option to meet your needs and theirs.

So here are 3 different ways to add contacts for text alerts!

add contact for text alerts

Method 1: add contacts for text alerts by having them text in a keyword

One of the more popular ways to get people to sign up for your text alerts is to have them text in a keyword.

A “keyword” is a particular word people can text in to a specific number in order to be automatically added to your subscriber list.

For example, if your keyword was sales and your text-in number was 91096, you could tell people, “Text the word ‘sales’ to 91096 to receive my text alerts!”

Why use this method?

This method is an easy and convenient way for people to subscribe.

It is straightforward, easy to advertise, and requires little effort either on your part or the subscriber’s part.

The text-in method works best for people who don’t need much info on their subscribers, and who just want a quick and easy way for their subscribers to sign up.

What are some downsides to this method?

You have to be very clear with instructions when using this method.

If people aren’t too tech-savvy you may run in to user error of people texting in the wrong word or texting in to the wrong number.

If your keyword is long and complicated you may run into issues with auto-correct on people’s phones as well.

Generally if you’re using this method it is best to keep your keyword sweet and simple and make sure people understand the instructions.

Since keywords can only be one word, many people like to combine two words into one for the keyword (such as savenow or something of that nature). If you do this, just be sure to let your potential subscribers know not to put a space in between the words.

Another downside is that when people text in to subscribe the only info you will have for them is their phone number, so you may need to ask them for more info if you want to better track who is signing up.

Method 2: add contacts for text alerts by having them sign up via your online sign-up page

Your account will come with a free web sign-up form people can go to in order to subscribe.

All they need to do is go to the link and fill out the form and they will be added to your subscriber list.

Why use this method?

This method for adding subscribers can be highly effective for collecting information about your subscribers.

While the text-in method will only collect someone’s phone number, the online form method will allow you to collect people’s names and email addresses as well.

(You can also ask us about adding custom fields so you can collect other info as well!)

The sign-up process is simple and you are able to customize the sign-up page to add your logo, change colors, and require or hide certain information fields.

This online form method works best for people who want an easy way for their subscribers to sign up but who also want to collect a little info on their subscribers.

What are some downsides to this method?

This method is a few more steps than the text-in method, so while it is still fairly simple it is not quite as quick and easy.

It may dissuade some customers from subscribing if they feel like they need to enter more personal information than is necessary.

Going to an online link isn’t necessarily something that anybody can do at anytime in contrast with the text-in method.

Method 3: add contacts for text alerts manually

If you already know someone wants to receive your messages, you are able to manually add their number individually or by importing a spreadsheet.

You can add subscribers individually by logging in to your account, going to the Subscribers->Manage Subscribers page, and clicking the “Add a Subscriber” button.

You can find instructions on how to import subscribers via spreadsheet here.

Why use this method?

The manual add-in method gives you the flexibility to add people at your leisure without needing to have them add themselves.

This can work in situations when advertising a keyword or sign-up form link is not possible or feasible.

You could use a method like this if you preferred to have a paper sign-up form, for example. Then you could collect the information from the form and manually input it later.

Or perhaps in your situation you already have a database of contacts who have opted to receive texts. In this case you can simply import them in.

What are some downsides to this method?

The obvious downside to this method is that it can require quite a bit more work on your end.

You will need to manually collect subscriber information and manually add them in rather than allowing them to subscribe automatically.

This can be time-consuming and is often not feasible or possible.

Bonus method (for LuLaRoe only): add contacts for text alerts by importing a spreadsheet of subscribers from Bless

For LuLaRoe retailers we have an added bonus of being able to send out an invitation message to your Bless phone contacts asking them to subscribe.

All they need to do is reply “subscribe me” (no quotes) to your invitation message and they will be automatically subscribed.

You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Now that you know what options are available to you, you can select which options work best for your situation and use them to your advantage!

It may take some experimentation and some trial and error. You may find that your process works best using only one of these methods. Or you may find that a combination of all of them yields the best results.

Regardless, find out what works for you and go for it!

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