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Mass SMS: 5 Industries that Benefit

Mass SMS is a tool that can be used for practically any organization, business, and industry!

Why? Because almost everyone texts and it’s a great tool to get info out quickly!

Here are 5 industries that benefit from using mass SMS and an example of how each industry uses it.

mass sms

1. Direct sales industries use mass SMS to keep customers in the know

Direct sales retailers such as Paparazzi and LuLaRoe send out texts when they’re going live to help drive sales at those vital times.

Sending out a text before going live can hugely increase the number of people who show up to live sales (and, by extension, the number of people who purchase!).

(Our text alert system even has some direct-sales specific features you might like to check out!)

2. Small businesses use mass SMS to market sales

A small business can send out texts reminding people of upcoming sales and deals.

Running a Black Friday sale on electronics? Having a special fundraiser for purchases made on a particular day? Doing any BOGO deals? Send a text!

3. Churches use mass SMS to inform congregants about weather cancellations

When snow comes down in droves or the weathermen forecast a huge storm- to cancel church or not to cancel church?

A simple text message can save a lot of frustration and hassle when scrambling to let people know about a service or event cancellation due to weather!

4. Non-profit organizations use mass SMS to update members

Other types of non-profits besides churches (such as YMCAs) also use texting to let members know about various updates!

Sending a text can keep people updated on classes, reminders, and cancellations so that they get the most out of services offered by a non-profit.

5. Local government entities use mass SMS to communicate with citizens

Local government entities send out messages pertaining to matters important to their citizens. For example: bus route updates, office closures, and local updates.


And there ya have it- Just a few ways that these 5 industries find an advantage in text alerts.

Want to give it a try for your company or organization? Sign up for a free test account today!

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