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LuLaRoe Texting: 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Text Alerts

Looking for a way to get started with LuLaRoe texting?

Or perhaps you’ve used texting for your LuLaRoe business and are looking for ways to improve?

Many LuLaRoe retailers have benefitted from using text alerts for their business to increase sales and reach their customers!

Here are some tips for how to get the most out of your texts.

lularoe texting

1. Use LuLaRoe Texting for Live Sales

The number one reason our LuLaRoe customers use text alerts is for live sales. Often people will send out a text every time they go live.

This can do a lot to help increase viewership for your live sales and ultimately make more sales!

2. Keep Messages Concise

Texting is generally better if the messages are short and sweet! SMS as a tool can only have up to 160 characters, and although you can have more characters if you send your message as an MMS (multimedia message) this can get pricey.

It’s best to include as much info as you can in as short a message as you can!

3. Be Enticing and Personal

Balancing with the last point, you still want to make your messages seem appealing and personal, not robotic.

Convey a voice consistent with your LuLaRoe brand and find a good balance between not being overly flowery and remaining appealing.

4. Experiment with Timing

You can experiment and find out what kind of timing works best for you to send out messages.

Do you want to send your message 30 minutes before your live sale? Five minutes before? Right when the sale starts so you can link directly to the video?

You can try different approaches and see what works best for you!

5. Try Including an Exclusive Deal

If you want a loyal text subscriber base you could try including an exclusive discount for your text subscribers once in a while.

Everyone loves to get deals and discounts, and this could help increase loyalty for your subscriber base so they’ll keep wanting to receive your messages!


LuLaRoe texting is an effective way to connect with your customers, increase customer loyalty, and improve sales!

What methods and tips have you found useful in sending messages to your customers?

Give it a try today! You can also check out our Direct Sales Industry Features for your text alert account.


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