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Improve Church Communication: 3 Tips

Pastors and ministry leaders are always looking for ways to improve church communication.

What are the best ways to get info out to your congregation?

How can you keep everyone in the know?

What can you do to make sure everyone has all the info they need?

Here are 3 quick tips!

improve church communication

Improve church communication by sending your newsletter via email

Although it may be nice to have a printed newsletter, many people may appreciate having the newsletter emailed out as well.

This way they don’t have to keep track of a piece of paper. Your newsletter will be easily accessible from their smartphones, tablets, and computers for quick access.

Depending on the size of your church or group you could simply use an email client such as Gmail to send these out (if you do this you’ll probably want to put the recipients of the email in the “Bcc” line so that people can’t see all the email addresses of everyone receiving the email).

You may, however, consider using an email marketing tool such as MailChimp to send out mass emails.

Improve church communication by keeping your website and social media pages updated

It’s probably best to designate one person, such as a church administrator, pastor, secretary, receptionist, or volunteer, to be in charge of keeping your social media accounts and website always up-to-date.

It can be surprisingly difficult to be constantly keeping up with all the updates and announcements that need to be made.

But if your online presence is constantly outdated people won’t be able to rely on the information provided and it won’t be useful to them.

Improve church communication by sending out text alerts

Texting is the way to get info across in this day and age.

So many people have their phones on hand all day every day.

They’ll read and pay attention to their texts much closer than to an email or social media post. Not only that, but it’s an almost instant way to get a message out to a large number of people.

You can use a text alert system such as ours at to send out mass texts.

Try a free test account today!

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