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How to Do Bulk SMS Marketing: 4 Steps

You know you should probably be doing bulk SMS marketing for your business or organization.

The question is, how?

Where do you start?

What tools do you need?

What information would you collect?

Here are some steps to help get you started!

how to do bulk sms marketing

Step 1: Select a Bulk SMS Marketing Service

You’ll want to select a bulk SMS service to meet your needs.

A text alert system such as ours at will allow you to collect subscriber information, organize it, and send out mass texts accordingly.

Of course we’d like you to choose our system, but feel free to shop around and find whatever system works best for you and your specific needs.

Step 2: Collect Subscribers

Once you have a system selected, the next step is to gather subscribers who want to receive your alerts.

A good text alert system will allow you to get people to sign up by having them text in a keyword to a particular number or by signing up on an online sign-up page.

If you prefer, you can even collect subscriber info and obtain consent yourself, such as by sending out a consent form or having an opt-in section on your website.

You could then add the info in manually, either individually or by importing a spreadsheet.

To whet people’s appetite in order to get them to subscribe you can offer incentives and enticements, for example:

  • Get 20% off your next order if you sign up for our weekly text alerts!
  • Join our text alerts to receive exclusive deals and discounts every month!
  • You’ll receive a free item on your next visit if you sign up for text alerts TODAY!

Step 3: Plan Out Your Bulk SMS Marketing Messages

Now that you’ve promised awesome content to your subscribers, you’ll need to deliver!

You want to provide content that is relevant and valuable for your audience.

Include enticing deals, informative announcements, and other incentives to get them to engage in your product:

  • Come in TODAY ONLY for our unbelievable FLASH SALE!
  • We’re super excited to announce our new menu item to our loyal text customers first! Don’t miss the unveiling this Friday- the first 10 to show us this text will get it for FREE!
  • Buy one get one free tonight after 7pm!

Create a feeling of exclusivity and urgency whenever possible and watch the numbers roll in.

Step 4: Analyze and Reevaluate

Be constantly evaluating your responses, reports, and numbers to see how effective your text alerts are proving.

Are you getting a lot of opt-outs? Perhaps you need to send fewer messages, or create more relevant content.

Are you not seeing much by way of ROI? Perhaps you need to send more messages, or shake things up- Experiment, try new things, and see what happens.

Remember too that it can take time and consistency to see whether or not something is effective, so you don’t want to give up after one or two failed attempts.

The bottom line is this: Bulk SMS marketing is a useful and valuable tool to increase engagement for your business or organization.

That being said, you want to use it wisely and effectively, which can take practice. But you have to start somewhere, and sometimes the best way to begin is to just do it!

Start a free test account today to get a feel for how it works.

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