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5 Words That Will Boost Your SMS Marketing Campaign

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What if we told you that adding just one simple word to your messages could improve the performance of your SMS marketing campaign?

While it may sound too good to be true, as you’ll see today, words can be a very powerful motivator.

And we know there are not one, but five words in particular that can help you do just that. So that’s exactly what we’ll being going over in this guide.

Include These Words in Your Next SMS Marketing Campaign

Before you do a quick scan of this list and run off to add these words to your next text message, it’s important to understand why they work so you know when to use them.

Fortunately, we’ll dive into that today too.

And while you may be able to use more than one of these words in a single message, if you’re doing so just for the sake of adding more, your message won’t come across as authentic.

So as you go through these words, think about which ones resonate the most and only use those specifically.

With that fair warning out of the way, let’s jump into the five words that can help boost your SMS marketing campaign, starting with the one that makes your offer look irresistible.

#1: Exclusive

I talked about why exclusivity works so well in this guide so I’ll just offer a brief summary here.

When you use the word “exclusive” in your marketing campaigns, you’re essentially telling your subscribers that not everyone is eligible for the offer in your message, which means, whoever is receiving it is clearly very important.

This simple act makes people feel included and special.

Plus, it makes your offer that much more enticing.

It also works when there’s no offer involved, strangely enough.

In the case of a new product launch, you can send your customers “exclusive” sneak peeks via text to give them that same VIP feeling without pushing for a sale. Your customers will appreciate this.

The next word can also help you generate excitement.

#2: New

It’s no surprise that most of us like new things and we’re naturally drawn to them.

Whether that’s a new product or an updated version of an existing one, your customers are always eagerly waiting to see what’s next.

And by using the word “new” in your text messages, you’ll pique their interest and help drive both engagement and sales.

So instead of settling for the “latest” update, pitch your campaign as a “new” one and you’ll generate more interest.

Girl in coffee shop reads an SMS marketing campaign

The same thing happens when quantities are scarce, which is why this next word also works so well.

#3: Limited

Limited time offers naturally create a sense of urgency.

After all, since the deal won’t last forever, people have to act relatively fast or they’ll miss out.

Limited quantities create the same urgent feeling of I might miss out on this.

If you’re only creating a small batch of something, let your customers know quantities are “limited” and once you run out, that’s it.

Figure out how your offer is limited and use that word in your text message campaigns. This one word will motivate your subscribers to act sooner rather than later.

This next word can help you do that too.

#4: Free

Another fact that’s not surprising is how attracted people are to the word “free”.

In one study, 76 people got a tattoo just because it was free[*].

This just shows how powerful this four letter word really is.

And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Anytime you get something for free, it’s like receiving a birthday gift on a day that’s not your birthday.

Who doesn’t love a free gift on their unbirthday?

This means when you use this word in your SMS marketing campaign, and offer a freebie to your subscribers, you’ll see similar, positive results.

Free motivates people to take action, and it’s just that plain and simple.

To bring everything full circle, the last word on our list is also one that evokes the same special feeling as our first word.

#5: You

You may not always be able to address your customers by their name, but there is one way you can still make things personal: by using the word “you”.

Add this word and your message comes across as if you’re directly speaking to your customers, or like standing right in front of them sharing your info one-on-one.

Even though it’s only through a screen, the message feels more personal.

On the flipside, when you use words like “customers” or “subscribers”, it feels cold and off-putting.

To give you a better idea, let’s see this difference in action.

Instead of saying: We’re Offering an Exclusive Discount for Our Customers, you could say, Here’s an Exclusive Deal for You.

Even though your customers know at least a small handful of other customers are also receiving this discount, it doesn’t feel that way.

Instead, it feels like a VIP deal tailored just for them.

As a special bonus, there’s also one more must-use phrase that can help boost your SMS marketing campaign when it’s a bit sluggish.

Bonus: Thank You Gift

When was the last time you thanked your customers?

On top of doing that with every transaction, you should also make it a point to routinely thank them.

Send your customers a thank you text just for being part of your brand and, every so often, celebrate a milestone with a thank you message too.

Think of trying this in the form of a thank you discount or a freebie with a purchase. Either way, by adding this phrase to your campaign, you’ll show your customers just how much you appreciate them.

And when they feel this kind of love, they’ll show you the same back, which creates a loyalty between all parties involved.

Start Including These Words in Your SMS Marketing Campaign

We’re not suggesting you throw every word from today’s guide into your next campaign.

Yes, you can and should use and even combine some of them, but only if and when it feels natural.

Shoving the word limited in your message when that’s not really the case, and just because we told you it can help improve your performance, won’t help you create an genuine brand customers love, trust, and buy from again.

Consider how these words really apply to your campaign and only use the ones that make sense at the time.

And if you’re just at the point of creating an SMS marketing campaign, be sure to check out this guide for some helpful tips to make yours a success.

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