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Have you taken a look at Amazon’s SMS alerts for shipping? If you haven’t yet done that, it is something that you should try for yourself. When you order a product from Amazon, you have the option to enroll in SMS updates from them so that you can keep up with the status of your package, while it is in the process of being shipped to you.

Today, we are going to delve into how Amazon SMS alerts work, how they are used, and how you can use the same time of shipment text notifications for your business.

How SMS Updates Work

So, how is Amazon able to text their customer to keep them notified about their order status? They are able to do this because they use what is known as a dedicated SMS short code. You may have seen these by businesses and organizations in other situations. Essentially, an SMS short code is either a five or six digit text message number that Amazon is able to send text messages from and receive texts to. Amazon’s specific SMS short code number is provisioned on all of the major wireless carriers, which just means that they have the permission of that carrier to send and receive messages using their networks. If an SMS short code is not provisioned or approved on a certain carrier, let’s use Verizon for Example, then Amazon would not be able to send SMS messages to Verizon customers, and those customers would not be able to send Amazon text messages to that short code.

Signing up for Amazon SMS Updates

Amazon makes it really quick and easy to sign up for their SMS updates. There, you will be able to read the terms and conditions of signing up for Amazon SMS updates. If you would like to sign up to their SMS updates, all you have to do is

– Go to the “Your Account” section of your Amazon account
– Click on “Settings”
– Go to “Manage shipment updates via text”

Then you will be taken to a page where you simply enter your mobile phone number and click “sign up” to get started.

What’s Included with Amazon’s SMS Service?

When you sign up for this service, there are a few key things that this allows Amazon to do, in order to benefit their customers.

Amazon will now send you text messages to notify you when your package is out for delivery, when your package has been delivered, or if there are any shipping problems with your package. This service will only text you about your packages between 7am and 8pm Pacific Standard Time. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you are only going to receive packages that are ordered from Amazon fulfillment centers, which does not include anything shipped from Amazon Merchants or Amazon Marketplace Sellers.

Now that you have an overview of the function and the power of Amazon SMS updates, how can you take the same tools to market and improve your business?

Here are just a few ways that using a dedicated SMS short code can benefit your business.

1) Updating Customers on Shipments

As you can already see from how Amazon uses it, SMS messaging is one of the best ways that you can keep your customers updated on their shipments from you. You can stay in touch with them so that they always know when their package has shipped, when it is out for deliver, when it has arrived, and if there are any issues with shipping.

2) Direct Connection and Higher Open Rates

One of the most important facets of having an SMS notification service is that it gives you one of the most direct forms of connection to your customer. When running a small business, it is no secret that getting your clients’ and leads’ contact information is key to getting leads and growing your business. Most of the time we see the maximum amount of value in growing your email list so that you can have a direct connection to each of your customers, and so you can keep them notified as a whole

Where SMS notifications trump email is with open rate. The average time it takes someone to open a text message once they have received one is 90 seconds. What is even more astounding is that text messages on average have an open rate of 98%. That is way higher than any email campaign that you can ever send. SMS services provide you a more direct, more reliable, and higher performing way to stay in touch with your customers. This even gives you the platform to speak with your customers directly, as a means of customer service.

3) Promotions and Marketing

SMS notifications don’t end at shipping and customer service though. These are great for sending your customers news and promotions from your business. With higher open rates than email marketing campaigns, it gives you the perfect platform to market and promote to your customers.

Now that you know how businesses can benefit from SMS marketing strategies. Are you ready to try it yourself? Start sending mass text messages with Mobile-Text-Alerts now for free! No credit card required. Try for as long as you need!

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