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9 Ways That Daycares and Preschools Use Text Alerts

Running a daycare or a preschool is an exhausting task indeed!  Chasing those pint-sized kiddos around, wiping noses, maintaining order in the midst of all the chaos—all in a day’s work.  Daycare workers (and the parents of children in daycare) certainly need all the help they can get.


One way that some daycare and preschool workers have found to help keep everything organized is by sending out text alerts.  Here are 9 ways that daycares and preschools use text alerts.

  1. Holiday hours and closings

Parents depend on the childcare provided by daycares and preschools on a weekly basis.  They need to be reminded of what your special closing times are, especially during holiday season.  Will you be open Christmas Eve?  How about Labor Day?  Are you going on vacation?  A simple text can save parents (and staff) a lot of confusion.

  1. Payment balances and due dates

It is easy for people to lose track of their bills—to forget how much they owe or when payments are due.  Text alerts are a convenient way to send out gentle reminders to people about their bills.

  1. Supplies for children

Some of our daycare customers use text alerts to request parents to bring wipes, diapers, blankets, or other such supplies for their children.  These kinds of texts help ensure that every child has what he or she needs.

  1. Staff members

Sending out text alerts is not only good to help keep parents organized, it is also good for coordinating staff members.  Make sure everyone on staff knows where they need to be and what they need to be doing.  Let them know about meeting times, schedules, tasks, and anything else that concerns them.

  1. Weather-related closings and delays

When the weather outside is frightful, use text alerts to let people know if facilities will be closed or if opening times will be delayed.  Let parents know if you need to close early for the day or if special events need to be canceled due to the severe weather.

  1. Transportation availability

Some daycares and preschools offer transportation for picking up and dropping off children.  If your daycare/preschool offers this, then you can use text alerts to let people know when and where your transportation is available.  You can let people know if your transportation schedule needs to change or if transportation is going to be unavailable on a certain day.

  1. Child’s status

If a child in your daycare or preschool experiences a minor problem during the day, such as a minor health issue or injury, then parents will appreciate being kept updated on their child’s status.  Some of our daycare customers use text alerts to let parents know if their child has a slight fever, got a small cut, or if the child simply misses the parent.

  1. Updated forms

Many parents forget to hand in all the necessary updated forms for their child.  Text alerts can be a great way to remind parents to fill out health insurance information, immunization records, or any other vital forms for your records.

  1. Special days and events

Use text alerts to remind parents and staff about special days and events.  Let parents know to have their child dressed for Picture Day; remind them about the upcoming field trip to the zoo, or about any other special event.


Daycares and preschools certainly require a lot of coordination and communication among teachers, staff, parents, and everyone else involved.  Let us know if you have any suggestions on how you use text alerts to keep organized!

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