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7 reasons to include SMS Marketing into your business strategy

Marketing has proven to be incredibly malleable throughout the years. It has never shied away from using the most daring channels and mediums to promote products and services. Today, we’d like to highlight SMS marketing and how it became a marketing channel that outperforms even the most established mediums. 

While text messages have been around for a very long time, they’ve only recently become the hottest “new” thing in marketing departments. In this article, we’ve compiled a set of 7 essential reasons why you should consider integrating an SMS service in your marketing mix.

1. Text messages have stellar open rates

Research suggests that people are much more passionate about opening their text messages, compared to their emails. Four out of five people will open their SMS messages within the first five minutes after receiving it, while only around a quarter of all sent emails will even be opened at all.

The same study indicates that the average open rate of text marketing campaigns will clock in at around 98% and it only takes a person around three minutes to respond to one SMS message — basically, nothing compared to the 90-minute average response time email messages have recorded.

2. SMS messages are typically important

One of the reasons people engage with text messages a lot more is the gravity associated with them. If a brand messages you, it means that you’ve provided them with your phone number. They’ve gone out of their way to collect “first-party” data, and you’ve entrusted them with it. 

SMS messages have an inherent sense of urgency, especially if what you’re advertising has a limited-time value for the customer. A recently published study indicates that approximately 50% of an audience will end up buying something after receiving a text message from a company. 

3. They have a broad set of functions

Text messages aren’t used to simply advertise a product or service. They are also a great choice to minimize the number of missed appointments and provide customers with assistance with your products and services, thus facilitating and considerably improving customer support. 

Here’s a brief list of functions text message marketing can execute within your business strategy: 

  • Inform about hot offers and discount coupons
  • Provide customers with straightforward and personalized content
  • Spread the word about important product or service updates
  • Text alerts
  • Provide access to troubleshooting and FAQ’s 

4. It’s more than just text

While text messages do seem like a minimalistic medium, there’s much more than meets the eye. Given how SMS messaging has evolved throughout the last ten years, we can now explore more intricate and interesting ways of marketing our products by using this channel. 

For instance, your messages don’t necessarily have to directly advertise anything. You can use short messages to poll your audience, send them links to an ad you’ve recently released, and even allow them to apply for discount codes, and so forth. Text messages have become a very versatile medium as of lately. 

There are now many writing services that can assist you with creating compelling calls-to-action for your SMS marketing strategies, along with consulting on the best ways to approach this channel, based on the type of business you’re running. If your target is a foreign audience, it would be reasonable to contact one of the services mentioned on Pick Writers and get assistance with marketing content localization.

5. It’s first-party data

We’re gradually moving out of the paid ad era. We don’t really like them (not that we ever have) and couldn’t care less about them. An exciting finding published by Harris Interactive indicates that people recognize banner ads on a subconscious level and disregard them altogether. 

The vast majority of these banners are made possible by using third-party data. Customer data purchased from brokers that is inefficient and poorly calibrated to the needs of the end-user. 

Text message marketing works differently. It implies that your customers will opt-in, they give you their personal information and permission to message them. While you’re at it, you can collect information about what that particular customer is interested in, which allows you to calibrate the messages you’ll send them. In effect, you’ll be able to provide them with a more personalized and less spammy brand experience. 

6. Pronto!

SMS marketing can be called an elegant marketing medium to some extent. It’s brief and immediate, which ensures that the members of your audience are very likely to read them entirely, due to their length. Similarly, it’s important to stress that SMS messages are less intrusive than other modern marketing channels like push notifications, pop-up windows, and so forth.

A great addition to the qualities of SMS marketing is how quickly your campaigns are executed. Depending on the online texting service you use to distribute your messages and mobile text alerts, your recipients will almost immediately receive them. 

7. Phones are always around us

Text message marketing has an impressive advantage over a host of other channels, and it has to do with how obsessed we are with our phones. 

If you spend a lot of time on your phone — don’t worry, so does everybody else. Nearly 4/5 of the participants in a recent survey indicated that they check their phone within the first five minutes of their day. 


It’s safe to say that text messaging has now been reborn into a new and exciting marketing channel that has stellar open and engagement rates. It allows businesses to quickly and efficiently communicate with their clientele. 

We hope you found this article helpful.

Good luck!

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