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6 Ways Churches Improve Ministry with Text Alerts

6 Ways Churches Improve Ministry with Text Alerts

Many churches have a problem. They need an efficient way to communicate with their members. Mail can be too slow. Email inboxes get so cluttered that people don’t read their messages. Not everyone has a social media account, and those that do have one don’t read every post that shows up on their feed. This problem is why Mobile Text Alerts was created—to be a resource allowing you to communicate to multiple people in a convenient and effective way.

With Mobile Text Alerts, you can affordably send UNLIMITED text messages to anyone who wants to receive them. As a church leader, you can organize your members into groups so that you can send text messages that are specific to a particular group (such as “College Group,” “Women’s Ministries,” or “Praise Band”). You can easily get feedback from your congregation as they can text a reply to your message and the reply will show up in your Mobile Text Alerts control panel.

When you send out text alerts, your messages can be sent immediately, or you can schedule them to be sent out at a specific day and time—you can even schedule it so that messages repeat daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly, as needed. Our “Phone Alerts” feature can be added on to allow you to send out mass pre-recorded voice messages, for those members who don’t use text messaging.

Churches across the country are discovering the potential for utilizing text alerts to communicate with their congregation. Here are some of the practical ways that churches improve ministry with text alerts.


1. Canceling Service

You look outside and the snow is falling so thick that you can barely see anything. You watch the news and hear the weathermen going on about how many inches of snow are predicted and telling everyone to stay warm. You watch all of this and you wonder about your upcoming events and whether or not you should cancel.

Anyone who lives in an area that has cold winters can probably relate in some way to this scenario. And for churchgoers, it can be very frustrating not to know if service is canceled, or to show up in the morning only to find that they are the only ones there! With Mobile Text Alerts, it is easy for church leaders to just type in a message, hit send, and within minutes most if not all of your congregation will be aware as to whether or not service is canceled.

Sending a simple message such as, “Service is still on for tomorrow at 10:00” or “Service is canceled tomorrow morning due to the snow” can save a lot of confusion and hassle.


2. Youth Group

Many youth group leaders struggle with how to best connect with the youth in their church. Teenagers can often be forgetful, irresponsible, and overall just not very good at communication. But one thing that teenagers do understand is texting. It seems as if teens are always on their phones texting one person or another. Youth pastors and leaders understand this, and so many youth pastors are finding that texting is an effective way to reach out to the church’s youth and help get them involved.

How can text alerts help churches improve ministry with youth?  Text alerts are useful in reminding forgetful teens of upcoming events. Often teens aren’t involved simply because events might slip their minds. They don’t always write things down and don’t always prioritize like they should. For that reason, sometimes sending out a simple reminder to your teens can really help increase involvement. (This is true of any group, whether teens or adults, but is especially true of youth groups!) Keep reminding them about the upcoming Bible study or the summer missions trip and they will be much more likely to participate. You could even ask for a response, and your teens can reply from their phones to let you know if they are planning on going.

Accountability is just as important for teens as it is for adults. As a youth pastor, you can use text alerts to gently keep your teens accountable throughout the week. Remind them about lessons learned in youth group (“Don’t forget to keep Jesus at the forefront of your mind today!”) or about prayer requests (“Please keep Tim and his family in your prayers today as he goes into surgery this afternoon”). Send them encouraging Bible verses. Doing all of this can really help them feel connected and could have a great impact on their spiritual lives.


3. Children’s Ministry

Many churches have wonderful, thriving children’s ministries. Nurseries, pre-K programs, Sunday school classes, summer camps, Vacation Bible Schools—there is often a lot going on with children at church. But with all the activities and programs going on, workers and parents can get overwhelmed. This is where text alerts can be useful in helping churches improve ministry in regards to children.

With Mobile Text Alerts, parents can sign up to receive texts about their children’s events and activities. Receiving these texts can help parents stay organized so that they can understand when and where their child should be. For example, parents will appreciate knowing details about the upcoming summer camps—costs, dates, what time they should drop their children off, when they should pick their children up, and other pertinent information. These kinds of updates help eliminate confusion and keep communication open as parents can reply to the texts.

Children’s ministry workers and volunteers also benefit from receiving text alerts. With Vacation Bible School, for example, there can be dozens upon dozens of volunteers—sometimes even a hundred or more. Coordinating all of these workers can be extremely daunting. Sending out text alerts about times, dates, issues, and other important information can help keep everyone on the same page in the midst of all the crazy activity.


4. General Updates and Reminders

Not only can people involved in youth group or children’s ministry benefit, churches improve ministry in general by sending text alerts. All aspects of church ministry—whether it’s women’s, men’s, singles, elderly, or music ministry—are in need of updates and reminders of church activities and happenings. The women will appreciate having information about the upcoming weekend retreat easily accessible from their phone. The men will like to know about the dates for the men’s breakfasts over the next few months. Rehearsal time for the musicians has changed to 6:00 on Wednesdays. The church potluck has been rescheduled to the following Saturday. So many dates, times, details, and activities!

People like having this information on their phones for easy reference. Your members will be much more likely to attend and be involved if they are being reminded often. And when you as a church leader use text alerts, you don’t have to scramble to try to communicate when there are last-minute changes. All that you have to do is type in a message and send it to a particular group.

In addition to reminders about events and activities, you can send reminders and follow ups on sermon lessons or event topics. You can keep the messages fresh in your congregation’s mind by asking simple questions such as, “How are you showing the fruit of the Spirit this week?” or by sending a gentle reminder such as, “Don’t forget to give thanks in ALL circumstances.” Not only do these messages offer gentle accountability throughout the week but they also serve to help your congregation retain the lessons learned.


5. Prayer and Service Needs

Perhaps your church has a telephone prayer chain so that when someone has a prayer request that they want made known to the whole congregation, the request can be communicated from phone call to phone call. Maybe your church also has an email prayer list, so that a member’s prayer request can be communicated via email. But now there is an even easier and more efficient way to let people know about prayer requests.

Text alerts can be used to make a prayer request known to your congregation in an instant. This can be especially useful if some kind of emergency comes up that someone wants immediate prayer for. A church member can have a large number of people in the congregation praying in just a short amount of time.

The same concept can apply toward communicating service needs. You can let members in your college group know if there is an elderly member of your congregation who needs her grass mowed. If someone is going through chemo treatments, you can coordinate volunteers to bring meals to help the family. There are always prayer and service needs within the body of Christ, and text alerts help to communicate those needs. And the ability to organize your members into groups for your text alerts makes the service even more useful.


6. Bible Verse of the Day

The “Bible Verse of the Day” is another popular way that text alerts help churches improve ministry. Church members can sign up to receive daily Bible verses from you, so that your members can get daily encouragement from God’s Word. If you want, you can even coordinate this with your Sunday sermons so that the daily verses coincide with what is taught from the pulpit. Some churches are finding it useful to use text alerts to help their members daily with getting through a Read-the-Bible-in-a-Year plan.


If you are still unsure about how churches improve ministry with text alerts, you can get set up with a free trial account at to just try it out. There is no time limit to your trial, so you can test out the service for as long as you like. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!

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