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5 Ways to Improve Music Ministry with Text Alerts

5 Ways to Improve Music Ministry with Text Alerts

Music is a key component for churches across the nation.  Whether the style of a church service is contemporary, traditional, or a mixture, music leaders are always looking for new ways to improve organization and efficiency.

Here are 5 ways to improve music ministry with text alerts.

  1. Organize musicians into relevant groups.

With a text alert system, you can improve organization by sorting subscribers into groups so that you can send messages relevant to them.  This will allow you to send messages specifically meant for the “Praise Band,” “Choir,” “Orchestra,” or any other facet of your music ministry.

  1. Send reminders of when people are scheduled in the rotation.

Even in smaller churches, scheduling musicians can be complicated.  In an unorganized environment, music leaders are often bombarded with questions from musicians who can’t remember when or if they are singing/playing.  Text message reminders can be an easy way to help eliminate the confusion.

  1. Encourage musicians to practice at home.

Church musicians are often criticized for not taking the time to practice at home.  You can help encourage your church’s musicians in this by sending out reminders to practice.  You can even include a link (such as a YouTube video of a professional recording) so that they can listen to the songs right from their phones to help them practice.

  1. Explain details for special events.

When there is a special event, such as a Christmas service or Good Friday service, you can send out text alerts to help people remember details.  You can remind them of special rehearsal times, dress codes, or any other relevant information.

  1. Help musicians communicate availability.

Text alerts allow for responses.  This feature offers an avenue for musicians to communicate their availability.  For example, you could send a text saying, “You are scheduled for praise band for the month of April.  Please reply ‘yes’ if available or ‘no’ if unavailable.”  The musician can then easily let you know whether or not they are available.


Don’t be afraid to try new things and take steps to improve music ministry in your church!


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