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5 Places to Sell Paparazzi

As consultant, you’re always looking at how you can sell more Paparazzi jewelry. You want to take advantage of every opportunity you can! Here are some ideas of places to sell Paparazzi (some of these are included at this link as well).

Live Sales

The most effective place to sell your jewelry is through live sales on Facebook.

It’s best if you can run regular live sales (for example, 2-3 times a week on the same days each week). This can help you build a consistent and loyal customer base.

Special Events/Collaborations

You can participate in a special event in your community. Collaborate with your friends/family who sell other direct sales products to host an open house.

For example, some people from our church hosted an event in which members in the church and other friends who sold various products (including Paparazzi) all set up shop in someone’s home.

They created a Facebook event for an “open house” and invited people to come in and view all the different products.

Retirement Homes

Nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement homes can also be a great place to showcase your products.

People living in these residences are always looking for things to do, and the $5 price can be an attractive sell.


You might try your luck setting up and selling at college events, if you’re able to get permission.

College students are often broke, so the $5 price tag can be appealing for them as well!


Of course, there’s always the option to hold events in people’s homes!

You can make a fun party out of it – invite all your family and friends, encourage them to invite their friends, serve some good food.

Don’t be too “salesy” but simply talk about how much you love your product, make it a fun and casual atmosphere, and watch the sales come in.

These are just a few brief ideas on places to sell Paparazzi. Feel free to be creative and go anywhere and everywhere feasible! Salons/boutiques, fairs, conventions – the possibilities are limitless!

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