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4 Ways Text Alerts Help Boost Sales

As a retailer or businessperson you’re always looking for ways to help boost sales.

If you’re savvy, you’re always researching the best ways to reach people and get them interested in your product.

Texting is one of the most popular means of communication in our day and age, so it makes sense that this can be utilized to your advantage to help boost sales.

But how?

Text alerts help boost sales by notifying customers

Often sales are stagnant simply because people aren’t aware of your event, promotion, or (in the case of MLM companies such as Paparazzi and LuLaRoe) live video.

Text alerts solves this problem by being an effective notification system.

Text messages are delivered almost instantly and have an open rate as high as 97%. What better way to drive attendance and boost sales than by sending a quick text to your customers?

“Come join our live sale tonight at 6:00pm! Be there or be square!”

Text alerts help boost sales by serving as advertisements

Along the same lines as a notification, text alerts can be built-in advertisements that show up directly on people’s personal phones.

If you think about it, it’s a marketer’s dream!

You can craft a text message to advertise your product or service in a way that sounds enticing to whet people’s appetite and get them to come purchase.

“We noticed you haven’t purchased in a while- We miss you! Show this text the next time you come in and we’ll give you 20% off. :)”

Text alerts help boost sales by building rapport

Text alerts can be used to build rapport with your customers as you can ask them questions and engage in a dialogue.

You can ask them questions about your products, about themselves, or about anything! Get to know them and allow them to get to know you.

The more they feel connected to you, the more they will be loyal to your brand. (Mobile Text Alerts has a Message Replies feature as well as a Survey feature you can use to help.)

More loyalty = more sales!

“If there was one thing you would change about our product, what would it be? Reply back to let us know!”

Text alerts help boost sales by creating anticipation

Releasing some kind of new product soon?

Use text alerts to engage people in the process and create a sense of hype and anticipation.

You can even drive excitement for your new product by offering incentives, such as a free prize for the first 10 people who purchase.

“Only one more week until our big unveiling! Don’t miss it!”

Texting is an untapped source of immense potential for many to improve their business and increase sales.

Why not tap in and give it a try?

Sign up for a free text alert account today!

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