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4 Ways Text Alerts Can Improve Your Mental Health

4 ways text alerts can improve your mental health

Sometimes it feels like we can almost breathe the stress and negativity in the air around us.  We feed off of it and inhale it like smoke until it gives us cancer of the soul.  How can we combat all of the constant, relentless pressure?

Text alerts offer some practical ways to help you keep your sanity in the midst of all the stress and improve your mental health.


  1. Physical health reminders

A big part of mental health is physical health.  You’re less likely to be stressed and depressed if you’re eating right and exercising regularly.

Text alerts can be used to remind people to engage in healthy activities:

  • “Don’t forget to eat 1-2 vegetable servings at every meal today!”
  • “Ditch the cigarettes and you can add years to your life!”
  • “Did you exercise for at least 20 minutes today?


  1. Exercise tips

Going along with the previous point, a lot of people need help knowing how and when to exercise.  Sending out text alerts can be an easy way to give people simple, useful tips on what kinds of exercises they should do, how long they should exercise for, or what goals they should have that would be attainable for them.


  1. Encouraging words and challenges

Everybody needs a little encouragement now and then!  Text alerts can be used to send out words of encouragement to people.  You can inject positivity into their lives by letting them know that they are loved, or you can help them better themselves by presenting challenges:

  • “Be challenged today to focus on others rather than on yourself!
  • “Remember to be thankful for all of your friends and family around you!”
  • “What can you do today to show kindness toward someone else?


  1. Bible verses

Although I understand not everyone is religious, for those who are Christians, sending out Bible verses regularly can be the best source of encouragement.  What better place for people to receive Bible verses than on their own phones?  This little bit of spiritual nourishment can really help contribute to a person’s overall mental health.


Whether you’re a church leader, fitness instructor, or simply love to spread positivity, text alerts can be a tool to help improve your mental health and that of your group.

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