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4 Ways Businesses Can Use Text Marketing

Text marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses to increase profits.  Most people own cell phones and most people check their text messages often, so text marketing has huge potential to reach people in a way that other means of marketing (such as email or social media) can’t.  But how can a business use text marketing?

Here are 4 ways (with examples) that businesses can use text marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.  (Many of these ideas are borrowed from

Small business text marketing

  1. Ask recent customers for reviews and referrals.


  • A restaurant could send out a text asking customers to tell their friends and family about their recent dining experience.
  • A clothes retailer could send out a text asking customers to post a review online about their recent purchase.
  1. Send reminders to inactive customers.


  • An auto shop could send out a text reminding customers who haven’t been in for several months that they need to get an oil change.
  • A dog groomer could send out a text reminding customers about where they had their dog groomed 8 months ago.
  1. Send exclusive coupons and deals.


  • A hair salon could send out a text telling customers to “show this text to get 15% off your next haircut.”
  • A bakery could send out a text with a coupon code that customers can enter online to get a free pastry with their next order.
  1. Send brief ads about new products or services customers might be interested in.


  • A video game store could send out a text to interested customers with details about a new video game soon to be released.
  • A dental office could send out a text letting patients know about the addition of an orthodontist as a partner in the office.


These are just a few examples of the possibilities of text marketing.  In what ways do you think text marketing might work for your business or organization?  (Sign up for a free trial account to test it out for yourself!)

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