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4 Ways Banks Improve Communication with Text Alerts


4 Ways Banks Improve Communication with Text Alerts

How can banks improve communication?  The bank industry is ever-changing and adapting to keep up with the times.  In order to remain relevant, like any business, they must conform to the needs of their customers.  In addition, banks as places of employment are learning new methods to communicate with employees in a way that is effective for the new wave of young people that are taking their place in the workforce.

How do banks keep up with all the changes?  One way banks are finding success is text alerts.  Here are 4 ways that banks improve communication with text alerts.

  1. Internal issues

It can be extremely frustrating when things don’t work like they’re supposed to, hindering the daily operations for employees.  The email server is down.  The phone lines aren’t working.  The computers have malfunctioned.

Some banks find it useful to use text alerts to inform employees about these issues and to keep employees updated regarding the status of fixing the problems.  This helps eliminate frustrated phone calls and messages from employees wondering when the issues will be resolved.

  1. Weather cancellations

It’s 6 in the morning and the snow is already piled 3 feet high.  Employees wonder if they should come into work.  Or customers get frustrated because they show up to do their banking business only to find that the facilities have closed early due to the weather.

Sending out text alerts is an easy way for banks to remove all the confusion and let employees and customers know what the plans are regarding weather-related cancellations or early closings.

  1. New products and services

What is the quickest and most effective way for banks to get the word out about a new product or service?  Emails are often ignored.  Sales calls annoy customers.  Advertisements on the radio, television, or the paper (etc.) can be expensive and/or ineffective.

Some people find text alerts to be a solution.  It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to type in a message and hit “send.”  And with text messaging you can be confident that whoever receives your messages will most likely open and read it.

  1. Promotions

Is your bank offering $50 to open a checking account?  Is there a special interest rate available for a new credit card?  Some kind of new incentive available for customers who refer a friend?

Banks can use text alerts to inform customers about these kinds of deals.  To really elicit a response, you can even create promotions that are exclusive to those customers who sign up for your text alerts.


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