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How to Make Your Small Business Look Big

When operating as a small business, often larger companies aren’t interested in dealing with a small fish.  The best way to counter this is to make your small fish look a little bigger.

There are many ways you can make your small business look big.  Don’t sign your emails as ‘CEO, founder, sales rep, customer support rep, and Janitor.’  Don’t send takes sales calls with your kids crying in the back ground or your dog barking all around you.  Don’t answer business questions with “let me talk to my wife about that and get back to you.”



Believe it or not, but text alerts are also a great way to make your small business seem bigger.  For years past, text alerts have been reserved for the elite of the elite because of their expense, and the complexity of setting them up.  But Mobile Text Alerts has changed that.  For as low as $11.99/month you can start sending out your own text alerts, and instantly increase your perceived size.

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