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4 Customer Service Tips to Improve Your Business

Have you thought about how poor customer service might be impacting your business? Needing some customer service tips?

Wikipedia defines customer service as “the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.”

In some ways, customer service is even more important than the product you sell.

When people have a positive customer service experience, it impacts their overall feelings and opinions about their business in a positive way. This can really set you apart from the competition!

On the flipside, poor customer service can tank a business, even if you have the best product out there. Who wants to purchase from a company that treats them like dirt?

Here are 4 customer service tips to help you improve your business!

Listen to the customer

It is the customer service rep’s job to listen attentively to what the customer is saying.

This can be quite a task if the customer is long-winded or rude. But patience is key!

People feel valued when they feel heard and they can sense if you are growing impatient with them.

Do your best to make the customer feel like they are the most important thing to you in that very moment!

Always put things in a positive light

As much as possible, try to maintain a positive and friendly tone.

Even when you have to deliver unpleasant news (“I’m sorry we can’t give you a refund”), a friendly tone can do much to offset the negativity.

This is important even in emails and online chats – Type up your messages in such a way that they “come across” as if you’re audibly speaking to them with a pleasant tone.

This means to refrain from short, blunt answers whenever feasible, and don’t be afraid to use some exclamation points, occasional slang, and even emojis from time to time. (Use all of this sparingly, of course – You don’t want to come across as unprofessional!)

And when you do need to give bad news, try to spin it in as positive a light as possible. (“We can’t provide that refund but we could give you a $20 credit toward your next purchase!”)

Bite the bullet (and your tongue) to keep the customer happy

Customers can be rude, abrasive, and unreasonable.

The mantra, “The customer is always right” in reality, is not necessarily true. However, even if the customer is wrong it is often good in the long run to cater to them.

First off, NEVER be rude back to a customer, even if they rightly deserve it. Rudeness will not help the situation.

Secondly, even if you feel a customer’s complaint has no grounds, it is usually best to accommodate them in some way to keep them as happy as possible.

You don’t want to make an enemy of an angry customer by refusing to refund their $40 product because it was a week past the return period, for example. The $40 you are out is not worth the negative word-of-mouth or even social media lambasting you may receive.

You just have to gauge the customer’s emotions and do what is best in the situation. It takes skill and wisdom, and isn’t always easy!

Invest in all customers

You should treat your customers like royalty, regardless of how much they are paying.

If you treat your top customers like kings but leave your low-paying customers out to dry, it will come back to haunt you.

Especially in our day of social media, if your customer feels neglected the word will spread. Similarly, if you’ve taken good care of them they just might sing your praises all over the internet. Your $20/month customer could become one of your best marketing tools!

In the long run, following these customer service tips will help your customers feel valued and appreciated. They’ll stick around longer and will keep coming back for more!

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