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3 Ways That Small Businesses Use Text Alerts

Breaking down how small businesses use text alerts is difficult because there are such a variety of businesses that use them!  From higher-end corporations to private studios to web-based organizations, there is no shortage of small businesses that send out mass text messages.  Electric companies use them to alert customers of power outages.  Drive-in movie theatres use them to inform moviegoers of showtimes and screenings.  Online news outlets use them to let people know about new articles or blog posts.  And the list goes on.

If I had to narrow it down, however, I would say that small business have 3 main purposes for using text alerts.

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  1. For customer and employee updates

Many of our small business customers use text alerts to update information for their customers and employees.  Whether it’s updating members of your dance studio about a class cancellation, letting employees know about a rescheduling of the company meeting, or informing festival vendors about the weather forecast for the day—text alerts are just the thing for these kinds of updates.

Weather alerts and emergencies are other updates that customers use mass text messages for.  A weather service might send out updates about the incoming thunderstorm warning.  A daycare might send out text alerts if there is a security threat.

  1. For advertising

Small businesses often use text alerts for advertising the latest product, service, promotion, or content.  You can get your customers excited about your product or service by keeping them in the know.  Make them feel privileged and exclusive.  Send gentle reminders.  You can even include a link in your text messages so that customers (or potential customers) can go directly to your website.

There are many examples of our small business customers who use text alerts for advertising.  Online news outlets use text messaging to let their subscribers know about a new article or blog post.  Authors use text alerts to let readers know about a new book in progress.

  1. For company needs

Another reason that a lot of small businesses use text alerts is for their own company needs.  Small businesses find it convenient to text their employees about open shifts that need to be filled or assignments that need to be completed.  It’s an easy way to let employees know about an upcoming meeting, or (as mentioned previously) to fill them in on a rescheduling or other pertinent information.

One of our communications-related business customers uses text alerts to let people throughout the company know if there is an issue such as a power outage or a blip in the service, so that people can begin working on the issue immediately.  Another small business customer uses text alerts to let their employees know about clients that need servicing; then any employee who is available can respond to the message and be assigned to that client.


As is plain to see, there are multiple uses and purposes for small businesses to use text alerts.  In what ways do you find text messaging useful for your small business?  And if you haven’t tried text alerts yet, why not sign up for a risk-free trial account at

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