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20 Proven ways marketing automation can benefit your business today

When you’re trying to grow your business, you know that the most vital ingredient to your success is marketing. With technology developing so rapidly these days, there has never been a better time to start utilizing various platforms to market your brand.

Marketing automation is the best way to gain traction, as it allows you to focus on connecting with your customer while you leave all of the details to the software. Lead generation, email blasts, and social media posts all fall under the umbrella of marketing automation, but they are hardly the only ways to use it.

Today we’re going to discuss the kinds of systems that you can use with marketing automation, as well as how they can benefit your company.

#1 Marketing Automation is a Growing Strategy

Right now, about half of all companies are utilizing this method to grow their brands. 51% of companies currently have some kind of marketing automation, with about 58% of B2B enterprises looking into the technology for the future.

This means that, within a few years, any business that is not working with marketing automation will be left behind. As far as trends go, this is the perfect time to start crafting some excellent strategies. The sooner you do it, the more competitive you will be in the marketplace.

#2 Learning Marketing Automation Quickly is Vital

The fact is that there are a lot of new businesses starting out in the world of marketing automation, but most of them are still learning how to make it work. Thus, if you can master it relatively fast, then you are going to be ahead of the crowd.

There are 11 times more B2B enterprises use marketing automation today than in 2011. However, 27% of all companies say that they are still “new” at the technology. Only 21% of businesses believe that they are “experts” at marketing automation.

#3 Outsourcing Your Automation Can Help

The whole point of this strategy is to make things easier for your company. However, building a new system from the ground up can be time-consuming and complicated. That’s why 63% of businesses outsource some or all of their methods to a third party. Only 37% only utilize materials in-house.

#4 Email Marketing is the Most Popular Option

In fact, you may falsely believe that email is the only way to automate your marketing process, but the point is that there are all kinds of systems that you can install across a wide variety of platforms.

Nonetheless, 83% of companies with marketing automation use email to reach their customers. Social media comes in next with 67% of enterprises relying on it.

#5 There are at Least 10 Types of Marketing Automation

The fact is that there is massive potential with technology to ensure that all aspects of your business benefit from this kind of automation. We’ll get into further details in a bit, but here are the top ten methods used by companies.

  • Customer Resource Management (CRM)
  • Sales
  • Lead Management
  • Workflow
  • Analytics
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Market Research
  • Loyalty Programs

#6 Marketing Automation Improves Sales and Reduces Expenses

On average, a company can increase its overall revenue by about 14.5% with automated systems and cut down on overhead by 12.2%. This helps ensure that your bottom line is always optimized for profitability.

#7 Personalizing Your Message Means Better Results

When you send a generic email or text blast, consumers will ignore it just as quickly as you offer it to them. However, when that same message is customized for their particular needs, then they are much more likely to respond. SMS messages are a perfect example since texts are much more personal than an email. As a result of personalization, you can increase your marketing efficiency by as much as 30%.

#8 Automation Consolidates Platforms

When you get down to it, your marketing strategy is most likely going to include several different opportunities to reach out to a broader audience. The most popular of these are email, SEO, and social media posts.

However, given the fact that each platform requires a comprehensive approach to make it work, you can’t possibly dedicate enough time and resources to everyone. This is why marketing automation is so valuable because it will consolidate everything into one easy to use system, rather than trying to manage a variety of platforms manually. SMS is a fabulous method of integration since smartphones can easily link to web pages or online forms.

#9 Analysis Leads to Improved Interactions

When trying to reach out to your customers, you have to understand that each of them is an individual. This is why personalization is such a valuable tool because people will get turned off if they feel like you see them as a number, not a person.

However, trying to get to know all of your customers is next to impossible, which is where analytical software comes in. You can track what your consumers are buying, what kind of items they are interested in the most, and then create customized interactions based on that data.

In fact, you can increase your overall sales by up to 20% by showing personalized ads to your customers.

#10 SMS Marketing is a Fast Growing Opportunity

These days, no one calls anyone anymore. Instead, they rely on texts to communicate. Businesses are starting to realize that there is a lot of potential in offering customized messages via SMS rather than email.

90% of texts are opened right away. 48% of consumers agree that conducting business with a company via text is preferable to other means. Thus, developing a marketing automation strategy for SMS is a profound way to boost your revenue.

#11 Email Still Has a Great ROI

While texts are on track to eventually outpace emails, the fact is that you can still do a lot with a targeted blast to your customers. Right now, about 68% of businesses say that email marketing provides an excellent ROI for them. According to research, it gives about 122% of a return.

The reason is simple: emails cost nothing to send, and you can reach a wide audience in seconds. Also, unlike texts, you can create much more engaging content and utilize visuals or video to make your message resonate further.

#12 You Get Higher Conversion Rates with Automation

Regardless of the kind of strategy you implement, you can get a lot more traction than if you tried doing things the old-fashioned way. Overall, companies with automation have 53% more conversions than those without.

#13 You Can Increase Your Replies Substantially

When you utilize marketing automation across social media, you can vastly improve the way that people respond to your content. Your reply rate can more than double (250%) when you use automation to your advantage.

#14 Save Time on Scheduling Meetings

While automation can be used for front-facing marketing (i.e., ads and promotions), you can also utilize it on the back end to save time and overhead. Instead of trying to schedule meetings with clients and coworkers manually, an automated service can cut your time down by 80%.

#15 Increase Your Click-Through Rate

When promoting links online or through email, you want to make sure that your audience is engaged so that they click the button and see the content you’ve created for them. With automation, because personalization is so much easier, your click-through rate can improve by up to 300%.

#16 Increase Customer Loyalty

It’s much easier to retain the consumers that you have than trying to bring new ones into the fold. Automation paired with customization allows you to follow up with your customers after they have made a purchase. This attention to detail has a much better effect at getting them to come back.

#17 Create More Targeted Leads

Instead of promoting your brand or message to as many people as possible, it’s much better to develop a targeted strategy to bring in new people. A lead generation funnel is the best way to make conversions, but it all starts with how you find your leads in the first place.

Marketing automation allows you to study demographics and groups much more efficiently so that your message stands out above the rest. 68% of B2B marketers use automation for this purpose.

#18 Boost Your Upselling Tactics

One of the oldest strategies for companies is to upsell a customer on extras when they have already decided to purchase something. With automation software, you can manage your upselling plan and ensure that every customer is reached. This can help improve your bottom line.

#19 Reduce Human Error

Regardless of where you place your automation, the fact is that you don’t have to worry about an employee messing things up or forgetting to do something. Automation significantly reduces the potential for errors, which will keep your business moving forward, rather than trying to fix mistakes on a constant basis.

#20 SMS Marketing Connects with Consumers

Since most people have their smartphones on them at all times, getting a text from a company is seen as much more personal than an email. Since it’s like a one-on-communication, your message is far more likely to have an impact. This not only helps with leads and conversions but with customer loyalty. 71% of users feel a more positive connection to a company when they interact via text.

When all of your tasks are handled manually, it can quickly spiral out of control when things aren’t organized. This can include everything from file naming to managing your email lists. With automation, everything is simplified, streamlined, and consolidated. When you automate from the back end as well as the front (operations and advertising), you can increase your organization and efficiency even further.

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